Wednesday, December 31, 2008


So this Christmas proved to be the craziest EVER, gifts wise that is....

My mother-in-law's new wedding ring and band for their mother-in-law has very skinny fingers, this ring is beautifully huge :-)

My mom's new house...WHAT!?!?!?!
What's crazy about it is that, my mother-in-law knew she was getting a wedding ring but DID NOT know she was getting the beautiful band to go with it :-) My mom had no idea my dad bought her the I am not joking!! 

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My long, successful day..

Caleb made my day today...I got home from shopping for 8 hours and he said, "Ahh mom I'm really happy to see you!!" Seriously, gave me the chillies! What a sweetie! But I must say those sweet little words turned toward anger quickly, since he's not quite that big of a mommy fan anymore and he had to spend the rest of the night with me. I'm hoping terrible twos don't turn into terribly threes cause I'm about done!

On a side not, I'm a procrastinator. I started my Christmas shopping today and I finished my Christmas shopping today. Kindda nice! I also got all of it wrapped, now that's a productive day!

Not excited it's monday tomorrow and it's -20 here. But hoping to get the kids to PE 101 to burn off some energy while dad works downstairs with grandpa. Glad dad's getting the basement finished but sad it's going to take a month :-( We miss him!

Oh and your Christmas cards, well they are on their way, again I'm a procrastinator. Especially this year being busy with work :-)

My bed is calling! I'll upload super cute pics of the kids playing together today...hopefully up tomorrow!

Friday, December 19, 2008

My sad attempt....

Next year I'm hiring another photographer to take their was not fun!!!

Neighborhood Christmas Party

This was our first year attending our neighborhood Christmas party. I know you're all thinking what the heck, you've been there 3 years??? Well, unfortunately, TJ's work Christmas party has always been on the same day and luckily this year it wasn't :-) We have fabulous neighbors and everyone has little ones now so it's super fun! Here are all the boys, Caleb, Jackson, Kevin, and Carter. They were patiently waiting for Santa!

Caleb sitting on Santa's lap. He wasn't scared but didn't really say much (that's a shocker!)
This is so Adrienne, giving him the "Who the heck are you and why are you looking at me face?" This got quite the laughs. I was so proud of her for even sitting on his lap!!
I wasn't able to get pics of everyone as Adrienne insisted on sitting on my lap, but I had to get this one, so Adrienne took the floor for a second. These are the triplets from across the street. I couldn't believe they all laid there for like two minutes as everyone snapped their shots. None of them moved or cried, it was adorable! This is Will, Rylie, and Noah :-) 
Trying to get a pic of all the kids and Santa!
My little pretty!
Dad and the kids watching "Horton Hears a Hoo"
Kevin and Caleb sitting on Bruce's lap.
The boys had so much fun together. Especially sliding down the stairs!

Ahh...if only Adrienne didn't have the dear in the headlights look!
We had such a great time and just love our neighbors. Feel very lucky to be surrounded by great people in our little circle. Even though I want a new house haha (that's a joke!), I don't want to leave my circle!! 

Do you understand???

I was making dinner and Caleb was driving me crazy as he kept asking to get in the fridge cause he wanted something NOW. Then he goes, "Mom I would like something from the fridgrater(that's how he says it), do you understand?" Then tapping me on the leg, says " Mom, do you?" I immediately knew where he got it and cracked up laughing. When he gets in trouble and gets a time out, TJ always talks to him and say's "Do you understand?" Ha...this kid is going to write a book before he's in 3rd grade ahhhh!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

PE 101

I know I"ve been meaning to put these up for weeks now, but as I lay in bed with what seems like my third case of the flu, I'm bored and finally have time to upload them. The kids love this place!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Overdue update...

For some reason my computer has decided that downloading pics to here it not going to happen tonight. Sooo I thought I'd leave a little update on the kids. 

Adrienne is chunky chunks these days. She loves lifting her shirt and rubbing her belly. But don't we all?!?!? Although Shelley still thinks she doesn't talk, she is a jabber mouth. Usually when she's in trouble. She's got lots of new words...ouch, more, toot (props to Dad for that one!), Ca (for Caleb), nose, daddy (no more dat dad). She likes to sing and sway and do patty cake really fast. She likes playing with Caleb's shake and go cars and zippers? Quite the combo!  She's really enjoying reading and is starting to sit with you for an extended amount of time. She LOVES puppies and babies, again, don't we all!! She's hilariously smart and naughty haha! We love her she's so much fun!

Caleb is just he same but smarter ha! He is really concentrating on how he says things. Today Grandma Christine picked him up and he ran to the stairs and starting say "Go to" and said "Grandma, can I go to your house and play?" It was very cute. He's quite the negotiator but never really gets away with anything. He also is a huge suck up, not surprised. After hurting Adrienne he'll immediately give her a kiss and then come give me a hug and say "I love you mom"...argh! He likes to push mommies buttons. He still loves reading and he remembers so much about stories and can read them back to you, it's just crazy. He's not much into eating these days unless there is a nice treat if he finishes everything :-) He's still all about Thomas the Train and has the greatest imagination when playing with them. We have a dancing and singing hour everyday. This kid wears me out! He's quite the dancer and his vocal rhythm and tone is insane for 2 1/2 years old. He likes to sing by himself and don't try singing with him or with the song or you'll get yelled at "Mom not singing" is what I hear all the time. He likes to do ring around the rosie and fall really hard where you might think that he's hurt but he laughs and does it again. He catches everything I say even if he's rooms away. Last week Adrienne was being super needy and wouldn't let me make lunch, amidst countless tries to find things for her to play with. She was just tugging on my leg and I put my hands on my head and said (I don't even think it was that loud). "You're driving me nuts girl". One of THOSE moments! Well sure enough Caleb heard me from the living room and yesterday while I was looking at a book with Adrienne on the floor and Caleb was sitting on the couch reading a big boy book, he looked at me with a mean face and said "Mom, you're driving me nuts!" All I could do was laugh til my stomach hurt. I mean it's not his fault, it's mine. Ahh one of my least proud moments that's for sure. He's too smart for his britches and I need to watch what I say ha! Oh have I mentioned how much I LOVE him. He's growing up way to fast. 2 years and 8 months old :-( He's getting so tall and skinny and his cute little face still makes me melt! I'm teaching him how to smile nicely and he's actually catching on. Hoping that will produce some cute photos, that is if he'll let me take some of him. 

I hope to get some pics up here of the kids soon! Off to bed and a crazy fun weekend with family and my last photo shoots before christmas. Joe plays in Council Bluffs tomorrow night and my whole family will be there including Grams and Gramps :-) Then Sat. we will celebrate my Gramps 76th bday..yeah! So glad they are coming down. I have a few shoots including my own families...FINALLY! Pray for good weather and happy children! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lunch time closeups :-)

I can't seem to ever get them to sit down and take a pic so I thought I'd try during lunch and it actually worked. They are getting so big and fun and funny :-)

A Conversation with Caleb...

Today before naptime, Caleb and I layed on the couch and talked :-) I started asking him his favorite things and this is what he said...

Mom: What's your favorite color?
Caleb: (the last month it's been yellow so I was suprised!)

Caleb: Mom, what's your favorite color?
Mom: My favorite color is green.
Caleb: Ah yeah...what's Adrienne's favorite color?
Mom: I don't know, I think she's too young to have a favorite color yet.

Mom: What's your favorite train?
Caleb: Um....Thomas and Henry.

Mom: What's your favorite kind of car?
Caleb: This one (as he holds of a '32 Ford!!)

Mom: What's your favorite show?
Caleb: Um..........Elmo.

Mom: What's your favorite movie?
Caleb: Ummm I like my Halloween movie.

Mom: Whose your favorite person?
Caleb: Um...I don't know.

Mom: What's your favorite fruit?
Caleb: Um......Strawberries.

Mom: Whose your favorite friend?
Caleb: Um...I don't's me.

That made me laugh so hard. That's typical him, he definitely loves being alone to read and play. Thought you'd enjoy a little laugh for today!

Monday, November 17, 2008

We spent last week up in Sioux City as TJ was in California for work. I was sick most of the time :-( but the kids had a blast and were quite the characters. Caleb loved getting to read with Grandma and Adrienne loved all the extra people to wrestle with :-) Adrienne found her stage at Grandma and Grandpa's house. She sits on the fireplace and just talks and sings and yells. It's quite comical! She's quite the entertainer. She learned her first phrase "Oh, man!" It's absolutely hilarious! Unfortunately, I think she got it from me. She likes to say puppy, mom mom, dad dat, woof, bye bye, wow, papa, nana :-) We were starting to wonder if she was ever going to say anything, she's definitely taking longer than Caleb to spit them out! Caleb on the other hand is a non-stop talker. He's really starting to understand so many things. His favorite thing to say is "Oh that will be great!" or "Oh that will be awesome!" He's learning songs so easily and singing any words to any tune of a song, it's pretty incredible. He always wants to know what we are doing next :-) Which just makes me laugh! He's also getting really tall and skinny. I really honestly never thought I'd say that haha! He's so darn cute! The picture above is from last week at Grandma and Grandpa's. Grandpa took a few shots of the kids and of course they had to see them. I thought it was so cut they both sat there for like 5 minutes(that's a REALLY long time for Adrienne!) and looked at pictures!

Tonight Shelley was over and said to Caleb "Are you sure?" and Caleb goes "I'm positive!". HA! I will have to take credit for that one as I say that all the time! He's getting so old!

We'll be getting out family pics taken next weekend (praying for a bit of good weather and sun!) and I'll get those posted up here. It's been so long since we've had pictures taken, even just of the kids. I know that's sad considering I'm a photographer but taking your own children's pictures is such a challenge.

The kids and I will be going to PE101 tomorrow and I'm bringing my camera for the first time. Can't wait to share pictures of all the fun!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Future Huskers :-)

Last Saturday we had Alex over so his mommy and daddy could go to the Nebraska game. He just happened to show up with a jersey on and I couldn't resist getting a pic of them together. Accept try getting a picture of three children under 2 1/2 ?!?! Yeah not so easy...this is the best one, blurry and all. I love all their faces and especially Adrienne's side pony tail and the fact that she's 4 months younger than Alex, I know you would have never guessed, my little chunker! Every time I look at it, something else catches my eye and makes me die laughing!! Ah I love these kiddies!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

Birthday girls :-)

I was lucky enough to meet a great friend almost a year ago named Amy. We met through our Omaha Mom and Kids meetup group and found out the first meeting that our daughters were born on the exact same day only a couple hours apart. This is Natalie, who is one of the most happy go luck little girls you'll ever meet and then there's Miss Adrienne who looks utterly confused :-( Hopefully someday they will be good friends :-) Amy just emailed me this so I had to post! Such cuties!

Robinson Boys

One of my dearest friends Rhonda was in town for a few weeks from Nevada and we were so blessed to get to spend so much time together. The kids had so much fun, especially Wyatt and Caleb :-) How cute are they!!!Wyatt giving Caleb lovings :-)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Choo-Choo & Rah-Rah

Here are my little Halloweenies...Husker Cheerleader and Thomas the Tank Engine. Unfortunately we didn't have the best day, the neighbors had a new roof put on so that meant no nappies for my kids and boy did that not help. We did have playgroup in the morning and trick-or-treating at TJ's work. Caleb was on mission that's for sure!! They were both sooo cute! Hopefully get some more formal pics of them up later :-)

Thuc & Jen's Wedding- Omaha 10/25/08

Last Friday and Saturday we attended Thuc & Jen's wedding festivities. Such a great time!! Here's me playing around as we rushed to the church...almost late :-(

Their favors...REAL CHOPSTICKS!! Let's just say TJ about cried when he saw these and you should see how many we have in our silverward drawer. He uses them everyday haha!

The beautiful MARRIED couple!!
This is Marco Anotonio and his wife, Alex. TJ and Alex have been friends since high school and her and her family flew back from Mexico for the big day.

And this is there stunningly beautiful offspring, Marco Antonio Jr. I LOVE HIM!


Ah, best friends for a very long time!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Touch-A-Truck and Our Friend Alex...

We took the kids to the Touch-A-Truck Event in town last weekend, it was very cool but too darn cold! They were quite cranky the whole time but I'm sure it's because of the chilliness. Both kids got to ride on these cool push trains. They both loved it!

Adrienne seemed to like it just as much if not more than Caleb.

Ha...Little Miss Adrienne in Caleb's hat. We have yet to get her girlie winter stuff yet, but she didn't mind. They had three huge bouncy things the kids had a blast in.

Our friend Alex came to hang out last Friday night. We had so much fun!

Little Buddies...these two play so good together!

Isn't he adorable!!!!