Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Best Moments of 2007

Caleb got invited to his first birthday party-Bear turned 3 and celebrated at PE 101. Caleb had such a great time!

Caleb learned how to walk!

First haircut that was a little overdue!

Met Cousin Sydney for the first time!

Caleb turned "1"!!!!

The new member of the family!

Two great trips to Okoboji...Caleb loved every minute of it!

Little Miss Adrienne arrives!

Adrienne's Baptism

Caleb's first trip to the pumpkin patch!


Caleb's first time playing in the leaves!

My two kids in their favorite chairs!

Christmas 2007- Their were lots of great moments but I LOVE this one!

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jamie said...

Oh my gosh that picture from calebs first b-day is so funny i was like whos kid is on my lap...hahaha. thats one crazy syd face