Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Little Miss Adrienne

So, not knowing where to start, I decided to start off by the most exciting news of this year. The arrival of Little Miss Adrienne. She thought she would arrive a little early (4 days) and give Mommy and Daddy the best birthday present ever. I went into labor on my birthday, Sept.13, and low and behold, our little girl was born at 5:19 am the next day, Sept. 14. Labor was pretty intense but thankfully much shorter than Caleb's by 15 hrs. You would have thought she really wanted to come see the world when delivery only took 4 minutes, but boy was she not a happy camper when she finally arrived!!She immediately met her Grandma and Grandpa Rossiter, Uncle Brady, "Aunt" Brooke, and Uncle Joe. We were quite surprised when she was finally weighed...she tipped the scale at 7 lbs. even. She was also 20 inches long, our little string bean! Everyone finally left and we were wheeled to the recovery room. Daddy and Mommy got a few minutes of shut eye while Adrienne got some tests done. We were both anxiously awaiting the arrival of big brother Caleb and Grandma Christine sometime that afternoon. When he arrived he was soo excited to see us. He gave us both hugs and kisses and seemed to really like Adrienne, even giving her a kiss. They stayed for about an hour and Caleb was just a little angel. We really missed him!

We had a few visitors that day, The Moore's, and Cousin Amber. It was pretty quiet! The next day we decided we needed to get home to Caleb and since Adrienne was all healthy and well we were released. We arrived to a house full of my family. Grandma and Grandpa Rossiter were taking care of Caleb that day.

It was great to be home, but it was suddenly sinking in that we had two to take care of. Quite a scary thought! Luckily Adrienne slept a lot so Caleb didn't lose all his "much needed" attention!!!
The next few months would prove to be a challenge but everyday we are so blessed to have her!

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