Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Big Shark and my Little Lamb

I was worried I couldn't top last years super cute little "Superman" but I just might have done it. TJ's work allows the employees children to walk around the offices and get candy. Last year we went only to show off our little superman, as he was only a mere 6 omnths, this year Caleb wanted candy and everything else that was cool in the cubicles!

My little Lamb! She looked so cute, but she liked her outfit just as much as Caleb liked his!

My big Shark...he hated the hat so I had to capture these moments quickly!

Since he rarely wore his hat, I had to take a pic of the cute back so you knew he was a shark!

Uncle Brady and Aunt Brooke came over to see the kids. Unfortunately neither of them could stand their costumes anymore. At least we had cute halloween jammies...Thanks Grandma Christine!

This is what Caleb does everytime we try to get a pic of them together. Unfortunately, Adrienne was thinking the same thing. Maybe someday they will really like each other!

Adrienne got a super cute shirt from her Aunt Jamie that said "Daddy's Lil' Ghoul." Soooo cute!

No trick or treating this year. Caleb did like to watch all the kids come up to the door as Brooke helped me hand out candy. Maybe next year!

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