Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Pooley's Pumpkin Patch

Since one of Caleb's favorite things and words is "pumpkin" we took our first trip as a family to a pumpkin patch. On our way there both kids fell asleep and we sat in the parking lot debating whether to go home and come back later that day. When we decided to stay TJ took Caleb out of the car and he woke up right away and said "Pumpkins". So we realized it was wise we stayed. He had such a great time!
I think Caleb could have stayed there all day. But because it was cold way up on the hill and little miss Adrienne was with us it was kind of a short trip. But we managed to see everything!

Caleb loved the chickens. Watch this video to hear his hilarious conversation with them,
"Hi Chickens! How you doing?"

He was soo excited when he picked up his first pumpkin...he had a very hard time not taking them all home!

We found a winner!

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