Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rossiter Christmas

Once I got home to look through my pics from the Rossiter Christmas, I realized I didn't have very many. Then I remembered why, because whenever we are at an event, I'm constantly taking care up/running after a child, so I have less time and I'm too darn tired. But I tried and got a few good ones!

We celebrated Christmas with my dad's family on Sat. Dec. 22 at my Aunt Mary's house in South Sioux. It was a lot of fun. Three new babies since last year which was super fun, Aiden, Adrienne, and Emma!!

This is my Aunt Dee from Aurora, MN. This is actually her second time getting to see Adrienne. Adrienne really likes her!!

This is Caleb stealing the "O's" from the Tic-Tac-Toe dishwasher game...naughty!! We finally found them in Lauren's room :-)

Finally a good picture of Adrienne and Grandma Sherri!!

My Grandpa Rossiter and his four sons, Mike, John, Mark and my dad, Jim.

Brooke and Brady in their pretty green!

Adrienne and her cousin, Emma, who is only 6 days younger than Adrienne. They just happened to both have gingerbread pajamas on! Soo cute!

Caleb got some super cool dinosaurs from cousin Ethan.

The whole gang..what a great pic Dad!

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