Friday, February 29, 2008

Mexican/American Idol night, oh and the Easter Bunny showed up too!

Brady, Brooke, and Shelley came over last night for Mexican night. Shelley brought gifts of course, a very large Easter bunny for Caleb and a small pink one for Adrienne. Caleb loved it and dragged it around all night. Adrienne just screamed at hers, as usual.

Caleb dancing to American Idol!

Caleb giving his awesome hugs and pats!

Brady was fixing Caleb's hair and of course America Idol came back on and he did his freak out move!

Looking more alike each day!

Jake's Swim Meet

My cousin Jake, who swims for Saint Cloud State University, was in town for a meet at UNO. So we trekked down there to watch him. Unfortunately, the pic I took of Jake was horrible so nonetheless here are some cute ones of the kids.
Adrienne and her big lip!

So it was a little hot in there, chunky monkey Caleb was a little toasty, so we took his shirt off and he put on quite a show.

I think we've put on our winter 10 lbs. :-)

Oh, Adrienne!

Check out my lover lip...just like my brothers :-)

Soo strong!! She's tiring really hard to get up and crawl. She'll push of with her arms and her legs but not at the same time. She does scoot in circles to get something which is pretty cute!

I LOVE this picture!! She looks so much that she had to include a little drool!

How precious is she!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Caleb and Adrienne Laughing!!

The other night TJ had the great idea that if Caleb laughed close to Adrienne that she would probably start giggling as well. She laughed so hard she could hardly was hilarious!

Pics of the Week!

We just got back from a playdate at the mall and Adrienne fell asleep on the way home, she looked sooo cute and so much older.

Caleb us REALLY into stickers these days and I just happened to find some Thomas ones the other day at the store. So we had a fun sticker day on Tuesday and Caleb thought Adrienne needed in on the action. The sticker says "You are a really Useful Engine!" haha!!

Caleb got all the rest!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!

This picture is from the night before Valentine's Day. Caleb kept wanting to hold her and have her get on top of him. He couldn't stop laughing and she was just in awe.

Oh Caleb and that face!! Seems I can get a good smiling picture of him these days!! Oh well! Look at little Adrienne's face...awww...she is soo cute!

Hanging out in her cute heart outfit!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

String Bean

Adrienne just developed her first roll on her legs hehe. We had to take pictures and show the whole world haha! She's definately starting to fill out but she's still a string bean!!

Making Valentine's

Yesterday we started making out valentine's. Caleb didn't want me to help at all so basically they were little cards packed full of stickers haha! He's had so much fun that's all we've been doing the past two days. Maybe we'll have to start on our St. Patricks Day and Easter cards early hehe!

Brady and Caleb

Last Friday, Brady brought over fish sandwiches for lunch (yummy!!) and most importantly spent some quality time with Caleb. Caleb loves his super cool phone but got even a bigger kick out of poking Brady's nose and Brady making a funny sound everytime he did it. Caleb couldn't stop giggling!

Adidas girl

I had to take pics of Adrienne in her adorable Adidas girl's soo cute!

Had to get pic of the cute hat...hehe!

Caleb's crazy face

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Adrienne fighting with her Snowman

This is Adrienne with her beany babie snowman she got for Christmas. They have a serious love/hate relationship. She totally freaks out when she sees him and for about 20 mins. she'll just yell at him and wrestle him. It's quite a site!

She bites him!

She stares deep into his eyes!

She head butts him!

And she bites him again!

I couldn't resist taking, although, Caleb totally ruins it, as he finds his Tigger toothbrush and apparently HAS to show me right when I'm taping. Hopefully I'll get a better video another time!