Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter weekend in Sioux City

We spent Saturday and Sunday in Sioux City with my family. The kids both had a great time and Caleb especially did not want to leave. This is Uncle Brady giving Adrienne a kiss.

Adrienne really likes Brooke!!!

Grandpa and Caleb checking out Grandpa's computer.

Grandma and Adrienne playing with puppets!

Caleb now has to have "Naked Time" right before bed. He absolutely loves not having clothes on and decided to cheese it up for Grandpa and I!

Joe, Brooke and Brady right after Easter mass.

I think I'm going to use this as one of her six month pics because they turned out sooo great! She looked so cute in her little dress!

Adrienne and Daddy!

Grandma and Adrienne

Mommy and Adrienne

Grandma and Caleb

Great Grandpa Rossiter and Caleb. Caleb's teaching him all this Thomas the Tank Engine train names. Great Grandpa was quite impressed.

Adrienne was in a great mood on Easter so we got some super cute pictures of her. She's getting really big. Almost crawling but doesn't have any desire to sit up because she's too wiggly.

And we always have drool!

I love this picture. It was her first time sitting in her high chair, she did not like the straps but otherwise thought it was pretty cool.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Adrienne's second attempt at cereal

This is our second attempt at cereal. The first time didn't go so well a couple months back. She seemed to like it by the last bite. now we are on day 4 and it seems to be going well.

Easter with the Hills

We celebrated Easter with the Hills last Friday as we were leaving Sat. for Sioux City. We had such a great time, mainly watching the little ones interact. Here's Caleb and Syd just before dinner.

Caleb kept laughing in a really deep voice all through dinner and making this funny face. He's starting to realize that he's funny!

Syd had just used her hair as a napkin and I just happened to catch her pointing at it "Look at this cool do!"

Caleb got this Texas A & M sweatshirt from Grandma and Grandpa Hills for Easter. He looked so cute in it and he gave me this "I'm so cool" look. What a funny kid!

What is with these faces. Caleb also used his hair for a napkin that night as well!

 actual nice smile from Caleb, I was very surprised!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

My New Toy!

Here are a few of my first pics with my new amazing, fantastic, super technical camera. I know nothing about it yet but hopefully the pics will get better and better. ENJOY!!

My baby blue eyes!! She looks so pretty in this pic, she seriously has the most adorable lips!!!

Had to get one of Caleb although he would have rather played with camera instead of stand in front of it.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hope everyone is having a great St. Patrick's Day!

My red headed step child...just kiddin, I had red hair when I was a baby too!! She really looks like a little Irish baby today, green outfit, red hair and blue eyes :-)

Cousin Sydney's 1st Birthday!

The kids only cousin, and TJ and I's only neice had her first birthday party on Saturday. We were so glad they were back in Omaha to celebrate it! We had a great time and Syd got tons of cool toys. Adrienne cried 75% of the time and Caleb played soccer in the kitchen the whole time! Here's some pics of her big day!

Auntie Jamie and Cousin Syd aka. Pretty Princess!

The only thing that would make Adrienne stop crying is Syd's spoon :-)

Love that face Syd!