Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter weekend in Sioux City

We spent Saturday and Sunday in Sioux City with my family. The kids both had a great time and Caleb especially did not want to leave. This is Uncle Brady giving Adrienne a kiss.

Adrienne really likes Brooke!!!

Grandpa and Caleb checking out Grandpa's computer.

Grandma and Adrienne playing with puppets!

Caleb now has to have "Naked Time" right before bed. He absolutely loves not having clothes on and decided to cheese it up for Grandpa and I!

Joe, Brooke and Brady right after Easter mass.

I think I'm going to use this as one of her six month pics because they turned out sooo great! She looked so cute in her little dress!

Adrienne and Daddy!

Grandma and Adrienne

Mommy and Adrienne

Grandma and Caleb

Great Grandpa Rossiter and Caleb. Caleb's teaching him all this Thomas the Tank Engine train names. Great Grandpa was quite impressed.

Adrienne was in a great mood on Easter so we got some super cute pictures of her. She's getting really big. Almost crawling but doesn't have any desire to sit up because she's too wiggly.

And we always have drool!

I love this picture. It was her first time sitting in her high chair, she did not like the straps but otherwise thought it was pretty cool.

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