Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter with the Hills

We celebrated Easter with the Hills last Friday as we were leaving Sat. for Sioux City. We had such a great time, mainly watching the little ones interact. Here's Caleb and Syd just before dinner.

Caleb kept laughing in a really deep voice all through dinner and making this funny face. He's starting to realize that he's funny!

Syd had just used her hair as a napkin and I just happened to catch her pointing at it "Look at this cool do!"

Caleb got this Texas A & M sweatshirt from Grandma and Grandpa Hills for Easter. He looked so cute in it and he gave me this "I'm so cool" look. What a funny kid!

What is with these faces. Caleb also used his hair for a napkin that night as well!

OMG...an actual nice smile from Caleb, I was very surprised!

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