Thursday, March 13, 2008

Two and half weeks of craziness!

We have had a very crazy last 2 1/2 weeks, so I apologize for few postings. Hope these pictures bring you some smiles!

Our two weeks(in detail):
-TJ traveled for work twice to Houston, the first trip we stayed in Omaha, and Brady, Brooke and Shelley came over a lot to help occupy the kids. The second trip we headed to SC to visit Grandma and Grandpa. The kids had so much fun, Grandma even took off Friday to hang out with us. Grandma also came down on Saturday and watched the kids so TJ and I could have a night out...which was awesome!
-Adrienne cut her first two teeth at 5 1/2 months old :-) I quickly remembered how not fun teething is, but she looks pretty darn cute with her little teeth!
-The most tramatic experience of the last two weeks was Caleb locking himself in the bathroom (with no light on, no less). It was a day of many tears for all of us! I think it was more tramatic for me then him, he quickly went back in to the bathroom the next day to see what the new door handles were all about!
-Adrienne is almost sitting up and crawling. She's scooting everywhere to get something and in circles most of the time. She's way more active then Caleb ever was!
-We found some new playgroups, so we headed to the mall, Gymboree, and PE 101 for some much needed running around!!. Caleb had so much fun!!
-Caleb got a really short haircut, and it was the first time he didn't scream bloody murder(thanks to Grandpa, Joe, and Oreo thin crisps)!! YEAH!!!
-Caleb's first 2 yr. molar popped through yesterday( and by popped I mean a tiny little hole that will take forever to come through :-() the sounds of him it must not be very much fun!

I had to use the restroom(Adrienne was sleeping) so I took my very quick trip to the restroom only to find Caleb in Adrienne's exersaucer when I got out. I was laughing so hard and Caleb couldn't figure out why I was laughing(as you can see from his expression)! And both of his feet were in the same hole ha! And yes I took the 10 seconds to grab the camera and take a picture. It still makes me laugh!

Two weekends ago we had the best weather, 68-72 degrees which is just crazy for February. So Caleb and I got outside for a couple hours. But of course we had to take the trains!

As Caleb would say "Actually this is James, actually this is Thomas, actually this is Toby, actually this is Mavis". Actually is his new word that he uses frequently, Brady reminded me that I'm the one that says it all the time!

I love this picture!

He loves to crunch the leaves!

Adrienne bouncing in her exersaucer, she goes crazy in this thing, then when we put her in her bouncer she just stands there! Figures!

What a cheeseball!

Finally got her walker out and she loves it! But she only moves backwards right now. First we have to find some shoes to fit her tiny tiny feet, then maybe she'll get somewhere!

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Anonymous said...

Hello to my sweet nephew and all his wonderful family. The pictures are great!! Christine looks great with the dark hair :) Caleb's going to be 2 soon? Time surely does fly these days. I just had one of those awful birthdays that end in a zero!! We will continue to check in... Love & lots of hugs to ALL. Sallie