Friday, April 25, 2008

Yeah, Adrienne!!

Adrienne is sitting up and crawling!! WOOOHOOO! Although she really hates sitting up and her crawl is more of a get on all fours, crawl 2 or 3 times and then push off with my feet and land on my tummy kindda crawl!

Caleb's Crazy Mind!

Caleb continues to have conversations with himself or anything for that matter and this is the latest...

"How's your applesauce? It is good, I'm glad to help you mom!"

"Who is this? I know who this is. Actually this is James. Yep that's right, it's James!"

"Goodnight Adrienne, I love you, see you morning, bed bugs bite"

"You watch Adrienne's moves?" (the movie is called Baby Moves!!!haha!)

"I love pretzels! I love marshmallows!"

"I too heavy, I too heavy!"

"You want some more? You want some more?"

"Whadisthis...chips! Oh yeah chips!" (Actually rice cakes)

With hands shaking in the air...."Are you kidding me?"

(Caleb)"What you like? I like Apple Juice" (me) "We don't have apple Juice" (Caleb) "What you like? I like Apple Kiwi Strawberry Juice" (me) "We don't have Apple Kiwi Strawberry Juice." (Caleb) "I like Orange Juice."

"Thomas hit Henry's buffer. Oh no Thomas!"

"What you like a lunch? I like...................(very long pause).........I like applesauce!"

We changed Caleb's bed into a toddler bed which has been an interesting adjustment. Last night he came out about 12 times and he just looks at you and doesn't say anything. As I direct him back, I saw "What are you doing?" and he repeats me word for word and then I say "Why do you keep coming out here?" and again he repeats me word for word. Made me laugh til about 10 o'clock when I had to put my foot down and completely shut his door and it worked!!

The last few days he's just been hilarious. I was doing dishes today after lunch and he was laying on the floor eating grapes and playing with his new trains when all of a sudden he yells "Carly Smithson". I just about died. If you don't know who she is, she is the latest American Idol cast-off. I mean the 10 minutes we actually got to watch he remembers everthing! And Thus. I had to get to store, and Caleb is quite the talker at the store. All of a sudden he points and yells "Ryan Seacrest" and if you've ever heard his yell, it's stinking loud. Thankfully the guy(who actually kind of looked like him, turned around and thought he was pointed at a magazine or something. Praise the Lord!! I'm sure that won't be the last of him embarassing me in public!

One day this week before I nap, I told him since it was nice we'd go outside to play in his sand and water table when he got up. After he ran into the living room, he immediately says "Want to go play in the sand table?" I mean he was on a mission!

When we were leaving the store he was kind of having a fit, so I told him we got all the groceries we needed and it was time to go home, we are all done. He goes "Mission Completion!!" HAHA! It's from Little Einsteins, they go on missions in each episode and always say that when they finish.

We finally learned the sign of the cross, but he totally doesn't concentrate during the prayer haha! We'll keep trying.

I could go on forever, the kid is a walking memory bank!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beautiful Weather!!

It's been so nice here the last few days that we haven't been inside much, until Adrienne got sick again!! Here she is in Caleb's hat, she thought it was pretty fun till she realized I was close enough to pick her up!

Dad and Caleb playing in Caleb's new sand and water table!! SO much fun, that's the only thing he really wants to do!

We checked out Democracy park at 86th and Fort. It was super fun, but still a little old for Caleb. He had a lot of fun though. Then we went on a walk on the Keystone Trail and met some horses :-)

Ahh this one didn't rotate, still cute anyway!

Their slides were super slippery!!!

This one was perfect for him!!

I love this one!

We've been to Standing Bear Lake twice this week. All the paths are now sidewalks and it's really pretty there. The first day we just walked around(for like two hours!!) and Caleb liked stomping in the dirt and sitting on the rocks by the water. The next day he got right in, a little two brave for my taste, but he had a blast!! I love the ripples in this pic!

Mom was the official rock finder, although I wasn't fast enough for Mr. Caleb.

We just saw a fish jump and splash. That was totally the highlight of the day!

Unfortunately I took Caleb out to lunch after this, just the two of us and we had our third most traumatic experience ( #1 Caleb's Surgery, #2 Locking himself in the bathroom). We went to Panera and he DID NOT want to hold my hand walking back to the car so he started running ahead of me and to a huge face plant into the cement. I still feel horrible about it! Now he has a huge strawberry on his forhead and fat lip. He was bleeding a lot and screamed for 25 minutes. Ahh I have a feeling this will NOT be the last time!!! :-( Luckily no chipped tooth or need for stitches but still nonetheless traumatic!!

Caleb's Birthday at OCM

Caleb turned two last Wednesday, April 16. We celebrated at the Omaha Children's Museum and out to lunch at Qdoba. Here is in the tractor, he was quite excited when we got there!!
They have an old fire engine in the toddler room that you can climb all over, of course he thought that was amazing!
He did great on this slide! We had to rip him away from him to go to lunch!

They have this awesome ball room, where you put the balls in these shoots and they fly everywhere and tons of other things. I think he could have stayed in there all day long!

Adrienne did pretty well, she's not exactly fond of sitting in the stroller for a long period of time, but she loved watching all the kids.

If Caleb was bigger, he could stomp down on this and shoot the balls into the air, but he still liked standing on it!

Every 15 minutes or so a siren goes off and all the balls that filled into the bag, get dropped on all the kids. It's quite a site and the kids run like mad to get all the balls, Caleb just wanted to watch!!

See the green ball, it's floating in the air!! Caleb was a little scared of this so mom and dad had to do it for him.

Dad even had fun playing with some of the older things!

Ahh, mom definitely did most of the work, but isn't it cute!! This is in the arts and crafts center.

Caleb got absolutely drenched at the water station. Next time we'll be bringing extra clothes!!

Crawling in the fire house!
Shopping in their cool play grocery store!

When you push the buttons they say certain words in different languages and they light up huge circles on the wall. He loved the english one because it was a dog barking!

A large, ship/tractor/train was the first thing and the last thing he played in!

Leaving the OCM, unfortunately Caleb was a little upset to go and neither of them wanted to ride in the stroller :-(

Adrienne was very glad to be home!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Caleb's 2nd Birthday Party!!

We celebrated Caleb's 2nd Birthday on Sat. April 12. We had a great time and Caleb was super overwhelmed with all his Thomas stuff! Here's Caleb before the party. He would have been completely satisfied if everyone brough balloons for presents. He's still playing with a few of them two weeks later :-)

There were very few presents that were not Thomas the Tank Engine. He was just blown away by all his new Thomas stuff! He got a Thomas tent, swim trunks, pajamas, watersocks, outfit, stickers, tattos, books and even two new trains "Emily" and "Rosie".

This is his new trike( from Grandma and Grandpa Rossiter) but we call it a motorcycle cause it's just cool! He loves riding around even though his legs are too short. It makes some super fun sounds that Adrienne just loves!

Adrienne even got to try it out! She would much rather listen to the music and flashing lights though!

Ahh, isn't he cute!!!
This is his new picnic table from Grandma and Grandpa Hills. He loves eatting dinner on it in the kitchen and even outside these last few nice days. He's also decided it's a jungle gym :-(
Not quite sure about the flame, I guess that's a good thing!
Wow, he really dove into it! And of course thought it was the best thing he's ever had!

Sprinkle face!!

Showing off his new picnic table and "Emily" Train!

Peeking out of his new Thomas much fun!

Grandma and Grandpa Rossiter...ahh too bad Caleb still can't smile right!

Adrienne missed most of the party, as she was passed out, but when she got up it took her quite some time to get used to everyone!

See what I mean!!!

Man those legs are getting chunky!

Adrienne thinks this is the coolest thing, Caleb on the otherhand, not so much. I'll give him credit for sitting there much longer than he normally does!

The next day we put his new Thomas underwear on. Crack me up! That face totally rocks!! Can't wait till he is really wearing them :-)

We still can't believe he's two!! Time really flies by, but now we are bracing ourselves for the oncoming terrible twos which have definitely already started. But he never ceases to amaze us and always keeps up laughing!

Adrienne 6 Month Pics

I know, I know she's already 7 months and counting but it's taken me forever to be able to sit down and do this. Anyway, here are Miss Adrienne's 6 month pics I took. Unfortunately, I did them by myself which meant I had to hold her up, get her attention and take the picture at the same time, which was extremely difficult but here are a few of my favorites!