Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beautiful Weather!!

It's been so nice here the last few days that we haven't been inside much, until Adrienne got sick again!! Here she is in Caleb's hat, she thought it was pretty fun till she realized I was close enough to pick her up!

Dad and Caleb playing in Caleb's new sand and water table!! SO much fun, that's the only thing he really wants to do!

We checked out Democracy park at 86th and Fort. It was super fun, but still a little old for Caleb. He had a lot of fun though. Then we went on a walk on the Keystone Trail and met some horses :-)

Ahh this one didn't rotate, still cute anyway!

Their slides were super slippery!!!

This one was perfect for him!!

I love this one!

We've been to Standing Bear Lake twice this week. All the paths are now sidewalks and it's really pretty there. The first day we just walked around(for like two hours!!) and Caleb liked stomping in the dirt and sitting on the rocks by the water. The next day he got right in, a little two brave for my taste, but he had a blast!! I love the ripples in this pic!

Mom was the official rock finder, although I wasn't fast enough for Mr. Caleb.

We just saw a fish jump and splash. That was totally the highlight of the day!

Unfortunately I took Caleb out to lunch after this, just the two of us and we had our third most traumatic experience ( #1 Caleb's Surgery, #2 Locking himself in the bathroom). We went to Panera and he DID NOT want to hold my hand walking back to the car so he started running ahead of me and to a huge face plant into the cement. I still feel horrible about it! Now he has a huge strawberry on his forhead and fat lip. He was bleeding a lot and screamed for 25 minutes. Ahh I have a feeling this will NOT be the last time!!! :-( Luckily no chipped tooth or need for stitches but still nonetheless traumatic!!

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