Monday, April 7, 2008

Caleb the Entertainer

He has thoroughly been entertaining us these days. So much fun he is! He's speech and communication has really developed. He's saying absolutely everything from four syllable words to 9 word sentences. He asked questions so much better and instead of repeating you he's actually giving you the right answer. His new words right now that he uses frequently are beautiful and magical. His imaginative play is so fun to watch. While playing with his trains you'll here "Mavis get out of my way!" or "Oh no Toby, you hit Thomas buffers!"

He finally got his first two year molar, which was not fun, and I think he's working on number two now. He has successful sat through two haircuts without shedding a tear :-) He loves talking on the phone to mostly Grandma Sherri, but now he talks to everyone! He still loves reading and you can find him several times in the day in his room in his reading corner, reading away. He's definitely his the terrible twos but we're working through it. He soo much fun and as he sits here with me as I type he says "Mom that's very exciting!" ( I have no idea what he's talking about but it's cute!)

He's praying with his prayer angel here (which he thinks looks funny with the little nose). He hasn't quite got our bedtime prayer down but I give him a week :-)

I took this picture to be put in his birthday invites but of course that didn't happen. He thought that paper was soo cool he played with it for two days until he ripped it to shreds!

We've really been working on our colors and officially know them all(even pink, grey and brown!). We love counting things and are getting better at it, and even now numbers up to 16. He still does great with his shapes too, especially octagon and pentagon. He amazes me everyday!

Caleb loves singing and dancing these days. He now knows many songs almost completely and sings them all the time.
Twinkle Twinkle
Row Row Row your Boat
If Your Happy and You Know It
Thomas the Tank Engine Theme Song
Mickey Mouse Theme Song
Jingle Bells
(which he is singing below)

Yes we still wear halloween pajamas (they still fit, and we don't put anything away if it still fits hehe!!!)

We got him a Mickey Mouse big coloring pad for Easter and he loves it. Although he does like coloring on the table :-( We're still learning!

He cut his chin this day(I have no idea how...the kid is a running fien!) By the end of the week we had four different cuts and bruises. He's definitely entered the adventurous stage!

My favorite!

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