Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Caleb's 2nd Birthday Party!!

We celebrated Caleb's 2nd Birthday on Sat. April 12. We had a great time and Caleb was super overwhelmed with all his Thomas stuff! Here's Caleb before the party. He would have been completely satisfied if everyone brough balloons for presents. He's still playing with a few of them two weeks later :-)

There were very few presents that were not Thomas the Tank Engine. He was just blown away by all his new Thomas stuff! He got a Thomas tent, swim trunks, pajamas, watersocks, outfit, stickers, tattos, books and even two new trains "Emily" and "Rosie".

This is his new trike( from Grandma and Grandpa Rossiter) but we call it a motorcycle cause it's just cool! He loves riding around even though his legs are too short. It makes some super fun sounds that Adrienne just loves!

Adrienne even got to try it out! She would much rather listen to the music and flashing lights though!

Ahh, isn't he cute!!!
This is his new picnic table from Grandma and Grandpa Hills. He loves eatting dinner on it in the kitchen and even outside these last few nice days. He's also decided it's a jungle gym :-(
Not quite sure about the flame, I guess that's a good thing!
Wow, he really dove into it! And of course thought it was the best thing he's ever had!

Sprinkle face!!

Showing off his new picnic table and "Emily" Train!

Peeking out of his new Thomas much fun!

Grandma and Grandpa Rossiter...ahh too bad Caleb still can't smile right!

Adrienne missed most of the party, as she was passed out, but when she got up it took her quite some time to get used to everyone!

See what I mean!!!

Man those legs are getting chunky!

Adrienne thinks this is the coolest thing, Caleb on the otherhand, not so much. I'll give him credit for sitting there much longer than he normally does!

The next day we put his new Thomas underwear on. Crack me up! That face totally rocks!! Can't wait till he is really wearing them :-)

We still can't believe he's two!! Time really flies by, but now we are bracing ourselves for the oncoming terrible twos which have definitely already started. But he never ceases to amaze us and always keeps up laughing!

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