Thursday, April 24, 2008

Caleb's Birthday at OCM

Caleb turned two last Wednesday, April 16. We celebrated at the Omaha Children's Museum and out to lunch at Qdoba. Here is in the tractor, he was quite excited when we got there!!
They have an old fire engine in the toddler room that you can climb all over, of course he thought that was amazing!
He did great on this slide! We had to rip him away from him to go to lunch!

They have this awesome ball room, where you put the balls in these shoots and they fly everywhere and tons of other things. I think he could have stayed in there all day long!

Adrienne did pretty well, she's not exactly fond of sitting in the stroller for a long period of time, but she loved watching all the kids.

If Caleb was bigger, he could stomp down on this and shoot the balls into the air, but he still liked standing on it!

Every 15 minutes or so a siren goes off and all the balls that filled into the bag, get dropped on all the kids. It's quite a site and the kids run like mad to get all the balls, Caleb just wanted to watch!!

See the green ball, it's floating in the air!! Caleb was a little scared of this so mom and dad had to do it for him.

Dad even had fun playing with some of the older things!

Ahh, mom definitely did most of the work, but isn't it cute!! This is in the arts and crafts center.

Caleb got absolutely drenched at the water station. Next time we'll be bringing extra clothes!!

Crawling in the fire house!
Shopping in their cool play grocery store!

When you push the buttons they say certain words in different languages and they light up huge circles on the wall. He loved the english one because it was a dog barking!

A large, ship/tractor/train was the first thing and the last thing he played in!

Leaving the OCM, unfortunately Caleb was a little upset to go and neither of them wanted to ride in the stroller :-(

Adrienne was very glad to be home!

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