Friday, April 25, 2008

Caleb's Crazy Mind!

Caleb continues to have conversations with himself or anything for that matter and this is the latest...

"How's your applesauce? It is good, I'm glad to help you mom!"

"Who is this? I know who this is. Actually this is James. Yep that's right, it's James!"

"Goodnight Adrienne, I love you, see you morning, bed bugs bite"

"You watch Adrienne's moves?" (the movie is called Baby Moves!!!haha!)

"I love pretzels! I love marshmallows!"

"I too heavy, I too heavy!"

"You want some more? You want some more?"

"Whadisthis...chips! Oh yeah chips!" (Actually rice cakes)

With hands shaking in the air...."Are you kidding me?"

(Caleb)"What you like? I like Apple Juice" (me) "We don't have apple Juice" (Caleb) "What you like? I like Apple Kiwi Strawberry Juice" (me) "We don't have Apple Kiwi Strawberry Juice." (Caleb) "I like Orange Juice."

"Thomas hit Henry's buffer. Oh no Thomas!"

"What you like a lunch? I like...................(very long pause).........I like applesauce!"

We changed Caleb's bed into a toddler bed which has been an interesting adjustment. Last night he came out about 12 times and he just looks at you and doesn't say anything. As I direct him back, I saw "What are you doing?" and he repeats me word for word and then I say "Why do you keep coming out here?" and again he repeats me word for word. Made me laugh til about 10 o'clock when I had to put my foot down and completely shut his door and it worked!!

The last few days he's just been hilarious. I was doing dishes today after lunch and he was laying on the floor eating grapes and playing with his new trains when all of a sudden he yells "Carly Smithson". I just about died. If you don't know who she is, she is the latest American Idol cast-off. I mean the 10 minutes we actually got to watch he remembers everthing! And Thus. I had to get to store, and Caleb is quite the talker at the store. All of a sudden he points and yells "Ryan Seacrest" and if you've ever heard his yell, it's stinking loud. Thankfully the guy(who actually kind of looked like him, turned around and thought he was pointed at a magazine or something. Praise the Lord!! I'm sure that won't be the last of him embarassing me in public!

One day this week before I nap, I told him since it was nice we'd go outside to play in his sand and water table when he got up. After he ran into the living room, he immediately says "Want to go play in the sand table?" I mean he was on a mission!

When we were leaving the store he was kind of having a fit, so I told him we got all the groceries we needed and it was time to go home, we are all done. He goes "Mission Completion!!" HAHA! It's from Little Einsteins, they go on missions in each episode and always say that when they finish.

We finally learned the sign of the cross, but he totally doesn't concentrate during the prayer haha! We'll keep trying.

I could go on forever, the kid is a walking memory bank!

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