Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Sunday was super hot here, surprisingly! Got to almot 100 in our backyard :-) So we decided to get the kiddie pool out for some fun with the kids. They loved it, well Adrienne thought it was the coolest thing in the world, Caleb needs a new bigger pool so he was bored. Here is Caleb's new puppy dog look, he does it whenever you talk to him ha! Oh and Mommy and Daddy got more wet than Caleb did ha!

Adrienne kept leaning over the pool to pull the grass and eat it ahhhh!!

I got it and she still thought she had it hahaha!

Caleb is kind of a scardy cat sometimes, compared to Adrienne that is. It took TJ forever to get him to just lay and relax in the pool and as you can see he's not really enjoying it!
I love these two splash pictures. Adrienne laughed everytime Caleb splashed her in the face. Caleb whinned everytime dad splashed him in the face. Two very different children!

Adrienne was all over that thing. Crawling and kneeling, and bouncing! She loved it!
I just love this one! She had so much fun!

Sunday Playing

TJ took a few pics of the kids on Sunday while they were still playing in pj's or no clothes for that matter. This is Adrienne trying to get into her toy basket. She is beyond courageous!

I added these last two only because my kids are identical. Adrienne is really changing to look so much like Caleb.

Taco Night

Brady, Brooke, and Shelley came over for Taco Night last Thursday and we were all very much missing no more American Idol. Everyone was quite tired so we all just relaxed on the couch and watched Deal or No Deal hehe....oh yeah and talked about the wedding, yeah!!! Here's a cute one of Brady and Caleb.

Up in Sioux City.....

Last week I went up to Sioux City for a 5 days so Grandma and Grandpa could hang out with the kids and TJ could get some stuff done around the yard and homework. The kids had a blast, well at least Caleb did. Adrienne's stranger anxiety and two front teeth coming in got the best of her and she was not happy. As you can see in this picture, she is not a fan of swings to say the least. I think it's the confinement!!

Caleb learned how to ride on the horsy swing(I'm sure it has a real name but that's what I call it) and thought he was pretty cool!
OMG...I can't stop laughing at this picture!!
Isn't this the cutest picture!! Uncle Joe and Caleb after a long swing time!

This is what Adrienne looked like most of the weekend :-( Stranger anxiety is getting the best of her.

I think Adrienne looks so old in this picture!

Oh my gosh, his face is priceless!! It was a full bubble weekend thanks to Auntie Mary!!

These next two are awesome. I put the camera on the sport setting to see if I could get him popping a bubble and I sure did!!

Adrienne has decided she is a dog and carries everything she can in her mouth while she is crawling!

We had quite the hair day that day, but oh well, makes for funny pictures!

I'm giving credit where credit is due. My dad took this photo and I think it's amazing!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Orange? White?

Last night we were trying to entertain the kids and asked Caleb if he wanted to sing "Jesus loves the little children". He said "no", obviously, because that's his favorite word. So I said "Caleb, what color are you?" With no hesitation, he goes "Orange!" We were laughing so hard!! I quickly started singing the song and after the part "red, and yellow, black and white" I stopped to ask him again. "Caleb are you red, yellow, black or white?" and with no hesitation he goes "white!". Probably because it was the last word I said but ya never know. I'll ask him next week and we'll see what he says!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day!!

We usually don't do much for Mother's Day which is kind of nice. I got to rest a little and hang out with the kids and hang out with TJ while both the kids napped which was great. I did get this adorable sign from the kids (and TJ) and beautiful flowers :-) I am very blessed!!!

New playset!!

To say that he likes it is an understatement!!

This is one of my all time favorites...he looks so innocent!!

OCM with Grandma and Shelley

Caleb riding in the big fire engine!!

Playing with all the fake food in the house.
Grandma and Caleb shopping :-)
Adrienne playing in the baby room.
These chairs rock, I wish I had one in every room!
Just before we left, Caleb is still watching the train :-)

Finally nice weather :-)

We've gone to our neighborhood park a few times and Caleb LOVES the slide!!

Adienne hanging out on a blanket so I can play with Caleb for a few minutes. She looks so cute in her little shorts!

Playing with Caleb, she just adores him!

I'm pretty positive she will be a volleyball player they way she handles that ball!!

Look at those eyelashes!!! I have no idea where she got them!