Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Sunday was super hot here, surprisingly! Got to almot 100 in our backyard :-) So we decided to get the kiddie pool out for some fun with the kids. They loved it, well Adrienne thought it was the coolest thing in the world, Caleb needs a new bigger pool so he was bored. Here is Caleb's new puppy dog look, he does it whenever you talk to him ha! Oh and Mommy and Daddy got more wet than Caleb did ha!

Adrienne kept leaning over the pool to pull the grass and eat it ahhhh!!

I got it and she still thought she had it hahaha!

Caleb is kind of a scardy cat sometimes, compared to Adrienne that is. It took TJ forever to get him to just lay and relax in the pool and as you can see he's not really enjoying it!
I love these two splash pictures. Adrienne laughed everytime Caleb splashed her in the face. Caleb whinned everytime dad splashed him in the face. Two very different children!

Adrienne was all over that thing. Crawling and kneeling, and bouncing! She loved it!
I just love this one! She had so much fun!

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