Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What a cold spring :-(

The last weeks of April and first week and a half of May were not nice (rainy and cold!) So we were stuck inside, but still having a good time!! This pic of Adrienne makes me laugh, I love her smile and I can hear her giggle!

As you can see Dad hates being in pictures...sorry hunny!


Caleb and I made some tunnels for his trains. And for some reason he calls them "Scottish Castles" don't ask me why!

This is Caleb's new picnic table, well I mean Caleb and Adrienne's picnic table, as now all things are equal. But she LOVES sitting at it and she does extremely well (TJ is sitting right behind her). She thinks she pretty cool!!

I absolutely LOVE this picture!! They have so much fun together. I love Adrienne's face because you can tell how much she loves him!

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