Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My best friend....

We finally got to see each other last week after two long years. We were both in SC for different weddings and hit the town for drinks and much needed catching up!! Fortunately we get 5 days with each other in September for Jen's wedding and I cannot wait!

Thanks Noelle for taking this cute pic...LOVE YOU GIRLS!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Zoo Day!

We hit the zoo the Sunday before TJ left for Houston for some family time and we had a great time (with a few minor break downs from Caleb haha!). Caleb's LOVED all the fish and about had a heartattack when we left.

Caleb really enjoyed the rhinosaurus. He even came over really close to scratch his back on the tree limbs.
Caleb got an up close look at this gorilla.

We finally got to check you the new giraffe place. It was super cool!!

On our way home, trying to entertain too very tired children in the back seat!!!

Adrienne Sleeping

A couple weeks ago, I gave Adrienne a bottle and layed her next to me on the floor. She completely passed out. I'm sure you're wondering, well that's not a big deal. For Adrienne it's a huge deal. Adrienne is very hard to get to sleep. She has to be in her room, pitch black with white noise on and has to pass out to a bottle. She's never fallen asleep on the floor. So of course I took full advantage and took some super cute pics of her. Here's our sleeping beauty!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sioux City Trip!!

We spent last week in Sioux City, as TJ was in Houston all week for business. The kids had so much fun. I had lots of help from Joe which was amazing! The kids were not happy to leave that's for sure. Here they are playing in the pool with Joe and I.

This picture didn't turn out very well so I played with it a bit...something fun!
Both kids just love swinging so we spent many hours on the swings!
Joe put those pipes away hehe!!
We took the kids to the Rivercade parade and they both loved it.

Grandma took Caleb up to the front once it cleared a little bit and he had so much fun cheering with all the kids. He even got a sucker :-) Thanks Grandma!

Once we got back to the car and loaded up, we asked Caleb what his favorite part of the parade was and he said "The corn pop". HAAHAA! Caleb spotted the popcorn man at the parade so we all munched on delicious, colorful kettlecorn that Caleb was just over the moon for and we are totally not surprised that was his favorite part :-)

Here's our little angel...I adore this pic...she looks so precious!!

Caleb finally wanted to try the big boy swing and he just thought it was so cool. He wanted to go higher and higher but we were a little afraid. He did such a great job!

What a little cheese. This is actually the first time she has liked the swing so I made sure to get some big smiles from here!

Grandma bought Caleb a little play mower and Caleb LOVED mowing with Grandpa. He watched him the whole time!!

Playing Around!!

Just some pics from playing around the house. Adrienne is obsessed with Caleb's bed. She gets so mad when you take her off :-) Here she is stomping all over Caleb!!

Brady, Brooke and Shelley came over for Taco night a couple weeks ago and Adrienne finally went to Brady. She's almost over her stranger anxiety. Brady was just eatting it up!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fourth of July!

We spent the fourth of July in Boji this year. Unfortunately the water was freezing so we didn't spend much time in it but we did have a blast. Caleb loved playing with everyone and Adrienne well she just liked me. Can't wait to go back up in August when the water is warm :-)

Brooke trying to make tired Adrienne happy !!

Brooke has no idea I took this picture!

Caleb's new shark life hacket, he LOVED it!!

A rare glimpse of me :-(

I just adore this picture :-) They are best buddies!

These are our cousins from Texas, Amanda, Jordan, and Jacob. Jacob and Caleb had a great time playing together. Amanda and Jordan were pros with our little stinker Adrienne :-) Sure wish they lived closer!! Thanks for playing with my kiddos girls, you rock!!

Adrienne trying to get out of the bath...she looks sooo sad :-(