Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fourth of July!

We spent the fourth of July in Boji this year. Unfortunately the water was freezing so we didn't spend much time in it but we did have a blast. Caleb loved playing with everyone and Adrienne well she just liked me. Can't wait to go back up in August when the water is warm :-)

Brooke trying to make tired Adrienne happy !!

Brooke has no idea I took this picture!

Caleb's new shark life hacket, he LOVED it!!

A rare glimpse of me :-(

I just adore this picture :-) They are best buddies!

These are our cousins from Texas, Amanda, Jordan, and Jacob. Jacob and Caleb had a great time playing together. Amanda and Jordan were pros with our little stinker Adrienne :-) Sure wish they lived closer!! Thanks for playing with my kiddos girls, you rock!!

Adrienne trying to get out of the bath...she looks sooo sad :-(

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