Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our Anniversary & Dad's 51st Bday!

TJ and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary yesterday :-) I still can't believe 3 years have passed. Three years and two kids, I always say(and laugh!!)! It's been awesome and we celebrated by eatting at our favorite sushi place, Hiro, and of course heading to TCBY for some yummy yogurt, then getting back just in time for TJ to spend a few moments with his little man. We feel so grateful for Shelley, Brady and Brooke babysitting and letting us get out for a bit. Everyone had a great night!!Love you hun!! You're my rock!!
(BTW..these are our engagements pics taken 4 years ago haha!!!)

My dad also celebrated his 51st bday yesterday. He said the day was kind of crazy but he had a great night. My mom shipped in his favorite barbeque from Jack Stacks in Kansas City(which he said was phenomenol) and he got a new camera just like mine :-) Now we will be competing for the best pictures :-) I owe my talent to him! Love you dad and can't wait to see your first pics.

My dad and his little buddy (who misses his Grandpa very much!!)

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