Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Update :-)

Many of you have been asking about Adrienne and my apologies for not updating everyone. It unfortunately took her about 2 1/2 weeks to get over the hand, foot and mouth, but she is back to her normal self, stranger anxiety and all :-) Caleb and I have had a nasty cold all week so we are now recovering and hoping to hit the road for Boji on Friday if we are all feeling well.

Caleb is right smack in the middle of terrible twos. Which means he doesn't really like Adrienne. She on the other hand could care less. Caleb is very obsessed with his letter sounds and singing his favorite songs (Jesus Loves the Little Children and ABC's). He's getting taller and skinnier haha!! Probably because he's also started his not eatting very much stage which is quite strange for my little chunky monkey!!! He's still his independent self and can find him reading in his room or trekking the backyard to find who knows what. I think what I've enjoyed most about his at this age is his talking. He works really hard to ask the right question or say the sentence correctly. Such as "I don't like Kix no more, mommy" or "Can we run errands, mommy?" It's pretty cute!!

Adrienne is just about walking. She's at the stage where she can totally do it but would rather crawl! She says "dad dat" and "mom mom mom ". She's also at the stage of not wanting to eat baby food but can't eat very many finger foods so we are working through that. She loves cheerios!!! Our little gymnast loves to crawl over things, like dad or Caleb's truck to get to something. She chased Caleb down the hall yesterday and he put his truck in from of the door to stop her only for her to crawl right over it ha! She's a crazy girl! Here's a new cute pic of our little peanut!

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Traci said...

We haven't seen you guys forever. I hope you are doing well and had a good 4th. I didn't know you were going to Okoboji. Did you guys have fun? I would love to get together with ya sometime and hang out with the kiddos.