Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oh boy...oh wait, I mean oh girl!

This is what I saw right before leaving for a shoot this morning...she is soo silly!

Oh and now she has really bad hair days :-)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Okoboji 2008

We got back from Okoboji last thursday and trying to sift through 750 pictures is insane, so here's a handful of my favorites. It was 85 everyday and besides one night of nasty tornado warning it was perfect. We spent most of our time at the beach, playing in the yard (well with the rocks anyway..the kids are obsessed!) and taking long naps :-) We miss Great Grandma and Grandpa already!
That is such an Adrienne face :-)

This is for our Colorado relatives....Caleb shorts say "Golden State" :-)
This is what Adrienne did most of the time we were at Arnold's Park :-)
After a ride on the train at Arnold's Park :-)
He rode the fishes all by himself :-( If Adrienne was awake she probably would have gone too! Uncle Joe and Caleb played a game of ski-ball (sp?). Caleb had his eye on it since the moment we got there!
Future golfer?? I'm game!
Playing tag

Both of the kids favorite thing at any park we go to is to climb the slides, Adrienne has a leg up on Caleb because she has very sticky hands and feet, oh and knees. She made it up every single slide we put her on!!
Poor Grandpa got such a workout. Caleb loved playing with him in the water.
Ok Joe you can put your eight pack away now!

I love this one, all the boys hanging on the tube together!
I'm not sure how many times Grandpa did this but they were both warn out afterwards.
Flying in the air!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Kids playing!

She thinks she's pretty cool now that she can walk!

Caleb always has to help Adienne walk by giving her a little push haha!
Caleb and Adrienne loves playing in their Thomas Tent together. It always provides lots of laughs and tackles!

Playing peek-a-boo with Adrienne!

She wants to do everything daddy does!
Reading her husker book..hehe!

Caleb just can't get enough of this table!!

This is the final result...I now only put him in a diaper and hose him off afterwards!! He gets soo dirty!

Adrienne loves Caleb's truck. She climbs all over it and pushes it and even stands on it.

She also LOVES the pool, well crawling in and out and in and out is her favorite part! Hopefully she'll love the lake this week!!

Our little walker :-)

Adrienne trying to hand me a Kix!

Our little walker or should I say runner! The pics aren't that great as I was trying to fend off Caleb :-(