Thursday, October 23, 2008

Touch-A-Truck and Our Friend Alex...

We took the kids to the Touch-A-Truck Event in town last weekend, it was very cool but too darn cold! They were quite cranky the whole time but I'm sure it's because of the chilliness. Both kids got to ride on these cool push trains. They both loved it!

Adrienne seemed to like it just as much if not more than Caleb.

Ha...Little Miss Adrienne in Caleb's hat. We have yet to get her girlie winter stuff yet, but she didn't mind. They had three huge bouncy things the kids had a blast in.

Our friend Alex came to hang out last Friday night. We had so much fun!

Little Buddies...these two play so good together!

Isn't he adorable!!!!

Happy 8th Birthday Lucy!

Lucy turned 8 last Wed and came over for some well, lets just say her kind of fun!! The kids gave her lots of lovings :-)

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Outside playing a couple weeks ago....

Adrienne loves her Baby Stella...
And sooo does Caleb!!

More Pumpkin Patch!!

Here some more from our great pumpkin patch visit....Caleb rode on a pony named Strawberry. He thought he was sooo cool!!!

Caleb got some extra help with the big tractor. He had so much fun!

Adrienne thought he was big stuff and didn't want to get off!

So they could be twins! haha!

Caleb and his 5 pumpkins...and now we didn't bring them all home!

Our very fast attempt at getting a picture...not much luck!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pooley's Pumpkin Patch 2008

This is just a handful of our pumpkin patch day a couple weeks ago. Blogger must be mad at me for all my posts today and I can't upload anymore haha! I'll put more up next week! We had a blast...tire rides, hay maze, feed the chickens, pet the chicks, ride the trikes, ride a poney (No mom it's a horse!!), hay rack ride to get the pumpkins, four pumpkins to bring home and a bag of vanilla/cherry popcorn! Makes for a good and tired day!


More to come......

Mark & Toshia's Wedding

My Uncle Mark got married two weeks ago in Des Moines. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding. If only the kids would have been in better moods :-( Here is my beautiful momma!

What little cheeseballs, right before the ceremony.

Maybe someday I can have a picture of my family with both kids smiling :-)

My dad's older sister and all of her girls, minus the two hubbies. Aren't they beauties, oh and handsome :-)

I didn't have much time nor hands to take cool pics, but this would be my fave...LOVE IT!

My Gram is fighting back the tears...she's a crier, gotta love her!

I just love the shots I got of Karigan, my little cousin looking up at her dad and just smiling and giggling the whole time, she was soo excited to be a part of the ceremony!

My cousins, Meagan and Lauren laughing at Uncle Johnny's speech, aren't they cute!

Beautiful centerpieces with beautiful Brooke in the background

Their cupcakes were amazing...I had a Mint Chocolate and a Vanilla Shake...delicious...and yes I did eat two!

These two to be exact!

J'adore this picture...Toshia's sister Tonya was giving her speech.

This is rare for me but I made a huge effort of getting pictures with my fam that I haven't had in forever. First me and Brady...and we look nothing alike!

My adorable hubby...ohh I love him!

My super cute, getting way too old, identical twin brother...oh wait he's 11 years younger than me :-( I just love him!

And finally but certainly not least, my soon-to-be beautious sister-in-law. We never take pictures of ourselves because we're usually running after one of my kids, so we made sure to get a few. Thanks for making a big deal about getting our picture taken, I love it!