Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jen & Cory's Wedding

Here are some snippets from the wedding which was a ridiculous month ago...that's how busy I am! My lens was broken so they aren't great pictures.

The beautiful bride!

Mom and dad....ahhh..they look anxious and nervous and maybe had a few tears already!!They are amazing, love them!

My pretty princess! She was pretty excited to see me!

This just makes me laugh, we cannot take a normal picture...EVER!!!

Jen's sister, Jody...ahh she's growing up and soo pretty!

My dad took this just before they walked up, I just love it!

Hanging in the limo with Jody and Kelly!

Cory and the groomsmen being silly, this shot was taken from inside the limo on a nasty day...not so good!

I love Jen and Cory in the background and someone chugging the champagne...classic!

The Vondrak girls (minus Katie), Jameley and I taking a break from dancin!

Jay and Jody bustin a move...sooooo funny! Jody is quite the little teacher and dancer!
My cute hubby being ever so patient and sweet!
I love this pic...Caleb did not want to leave the party!
The only family pic we got at the wedding...not so good!
Maggie and Michelle checking out some pics!
I <3 this photo!!

Michelle's sweet new tatto...I love it!

My besties forever! Now we are all married...YEAH!! Now someone have some babies already hehe!! LOVE YOU GALS FOREVER!

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Michelle said...

OH MY GOSH! All this pictures are AMAZING! You are so pretty!! Love You!