Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mark & Toshia's Wedding

My Uncle Mark got married two weeks ago in Des Moines. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding. If only the kids would have been in better moods :-( Here is my beautiful momma!

What little cheeseballs, right before the ceremony.

Maybe someday I can have a picture of my family with both kids smiling :-)

My dad's older sister and all of her girls, minus the two hubbies. Aren't they beauties, oh and handsome :-)

I didn't have much time nor hands to take cool pics, but this would be my fave...LOVE IT!

My Gram is fighting back the tears...she's a crier, gotta love her!

I just love the shots I got of Karigan, my little cousin looking up at her dad and just smiling and giggling the whole time, she was soo excited to be a part of the ceremony!

My cousins, Meagan and Lauren laughing at Uncle Johnny's speech, aren't they cute!

Beautiful centerpieces with beautiful Brooke in the background

Their cupcakes were amazing...I had a Mint Chocolate and a Vanilla Shake...delicious...and yes I did eat two!

These two to be exact!

J'adore this picture...Toshia's sister Tonya was giving her speech.

This is rare for me but I made a huge effort of getting pictures with my fam that I haven't had in forever. First me and Brady...and we look nothing alike!

My adorable hubby...ohh I love him!

My super cute, getting way too old, identical twin brother...oh wait he's 11 years younger than me :-( I just love him!

And finally but certainly not least, my soon-to-be beautious sister-in-law. We never take pictures of ourselves because we're usually running after one of my kids, so we made sure to get a few. Thanks for making a big deal about getting our picture taken, I love it!

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smgoergen said...

Got to be THE most beautiful families I've EVER seen!!!