Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Conversation with Caleb...

Today before naptime, Caleb and I layed on the couch and talked :-) I started asking him his favorite things and this is what he said...

Mom: What's your favorite color?
Caleb: (the last month it's been yellow so I was suprised!)

Caleb: Mom, what's your favorite color?
Mom: My favorite color is green.
Caleb: Ah yeah...what's Adrienne's favorite color?
Mom: I don't know, I think she's too young to have a favorite color yet.

Mom: What's your favorite train?
Caleb: Um....Thomas and Henry.

Mom: What's your favorite kind of car?
Caleb: This one (as he holds of a '32 Ford!!)

Mom: What's your favorite show?
Caleb: Um..........Elmo.

Mom: What's your favorite movie?
Caleb: Ummm I like my Halloween movie.

Mom: Whose your favorite person?
Caleb: Um...I don't know.

Mom: What's your favorite fruit?
Caleb: Um......Strawberries.

Mom: Whose your favorite friend?
Caleb: Um...I don't's me.

That made me laugh so hard. That's typical him, he definitely loves being alone to read and play. Thought you'd enjoy a little laugh for today!

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