Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thuc & Jen's Wedding- Omaha 10/25/08

Last Friday and Saturday we attended Thuc & Jen's wedding festivities. Such a great time!! Here's me playing around as we rushed to the church...almost late :-(

Their favors...REAL CHOPSTICKS!! Let's just say TJ about cried when he saw these and you should see how many we have in our silverward drawer. He uses them everyday haha!

The beautiful MARRIED couple!!
This is Marco Anotonio and his wife, Alex. TJ and Alex have been friends since high school and her and her family flew back from Mexico for the big day.

And this is there stunningly beautiful offspring, Marco Antonio Jr. I LOVE HIM!


Ah, best friends for a very long time!!

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Jsharpnack said...

Well it is good to know I'm not the only person with a husband obsessed with chopsticks...besides the hundreds of sets we have in our silverware drawer he got me this hand carved set that has ivory inlayed into them for an anniversary gift...cause thats what every women wants hmmmm...I pry would have liked them more if there was a large piece of sushi at the end of those chopsticks.