Thursday, December 11, 2008

Overdue update...

For some reason my computer has decided that downloading pics to here it not going to happen tonight. Sooo I thought I'd leave a little update on the kids. 

Adrienne is chunky chunks these days. She loves lifting her shirt and rubbing her belly. But don't we all?!?!? Although Shelley still thinks she doesn't talk, she is a jabber mouth. Usually when she's in trouble. She's got lots of new words...ouch, more, toot (props to Dad for that one!), Ca (for Caleb), nose, daddy (no more dat dad). She likes to sing and sway and do patty cake really fast. She likes playing with Caleb's shake and go cars and zippers? Quite the combo!  She's really enjoying reading and is starting to sit with you for an extended amount of time. She LOVES puppies and babies, again, don't we all!! She's hilariously smart and naughty haha! We love her she's so much fun!

Caleb is just he same but smarter ha! He is really concentrating on how he says things. Today Grandma Christine picked him up and he ran to the stairs and starting say "Go to" and said "Grandma, can I go to your house and play?" It was very cute. He's quite the negotiator but never really gets away with anything. He also is a huge suck up, not surprised. After hurting Adrienne he'll immediately give her a kiss and then come give me a hug and say "I love you mom"...argh! He likes to push mommies buttons. He still loves reading and he remembers so much about stories and can read them back to you, it's just crazy. He's not much into eating these days unless there is a nice treat if he finishes everything :-) He's still all about Thomas the Train and has the greatest imagination when playing with them. We have a dancing and singing hour everyday. This kid wears me out! He's quite the dancer and his vocal rhythm and tone is insane for 2 1/2 years old. He likes to sing by himself and don't try singing with him or with the song or you'll get yelled at "Mom not singing" is what I hear all the time. He likes to do ring around the rosie and fall really hard where you might think that he's hurt but he laughs and does it again. He catches everything I say even if he's rooms away. Last week Adrienne was being super needy and wouldn't let me make lunch, amidst countless tries to find things for her to play with. She was just tugging on my leg and I put my hands on my head and said (I don't even think it was that loud). "You're driving me nuts girl". One of THOSE moments! Well sure enough Caleb heard me from the living room and yesterday while I was looking at a book with Adrienne on the floor and Caleb was sitting on the couch reading a big boy book, he looked at me with a mean face and said "Mom, you're driving me nuts!" All I could do was laugh til my stomach hurt. I mean it's not his fault, it's mine. Ahh one of my least proud moments that's for sure. He's too smart for his britches and I need to watch what I say ha! Oh have I mentioned how much I LOVE him. He's growing up way to fast. 2 years and 8 months old :-( He's getting so tall and skinny and his cute little face still makes me melt! I'm teaching him how to smile nicely and he's actually catching on. Hoping that will produce some cute photos, that is if he'll let me take some of him. 

I hope to get some pics up here of the kids soon! Off to bed and a crazy fun weekend with family and my last photo shoots before christmas. Joe plays in Council Bluffs tomorrow night and my whole family will be there including Grams and Gramps :-) Then Sat. we will celebrate my Gramps 76th bday..yeah! So glad they are coming down. I have a few shoots including my own families...FINALLY! Pray for good weather and happy children! 

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