Sunday, December 21, 2008

My long, successful day..

Caleb made my day today...I got home from shopping for 8 hours and he said, "Ahh mom I'm really happy to see you!!" Seriously, gave me the chillies! What a sweetie! But I must say those sweet little words turned toward anger quickly, since he's not quite that big of a mommy fan anymore and he had to spend the rest of the night with me. I'm hoping terrible twos don't turn into terribly threes cause I'm about done!

On a side not, I'm a procrastinator. I started my Christmas shopping today and I finished my Christmas shopping today. Kindda nice! I also got all of it wrapped, now that's a productive day!

Not excited it's monday tomorrow and it's -20 here. But hoping to get the kids to PE 101 to burn off some energy while dad works downstairs with grandpa. Glad dad's getting the basement finished but sad it's going to take a month :-( We miss him!

Oh and your Christmas cards, well they are on their way, again I'm a procrastinator. Especially this year being busy with work :-)

My bed is calling! I'll upload super cute pics of the kids playing together today...hopefully up tomorrow!

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