Friday, December 19, 2008

Neighborhood Christmas Party

This was our first year attending our neighborhood Christmas party. I know you're all thinking what the heck, you've been there 3 years??? Well, unfortunately, TJ's work Christmas party has always been on the same day and luckily this year it wasn't :-) We have fabulous neighbors and everyone has little ones now so it's super fun! Here are all the boys, Caleb, Jackson, Kevin, and Carter. They were patiently waiting for Santa!

Caleb sitting on Santa's lap. He wasn't scared but didn't really say much (that's a shocker!)
This is so Adrienne, giving him the "Who the heck are you and why are you looking at me face?" This got quite the laughs. I was so proud of her for even sitting on his lap!!
I wasn't able to get pics of everyone as Adrienne insisted on sitting on my lap, but I had to get this one, so Adrienne took the floor for a second. These are the triplets from across the street. I couldn't believe they all laid there for like two minutes as everyone snapped their shots. None of them moved or cried, it was adorable! This is Will, Rylie, and Noah :-) 
Trying to get a pic of all the kids and Santa!
My little pretty!
Dad and the kids watching "Horton Hears a Hoo"
Kevin and Caleb sitting on Bruce's lap.
The boys had so much fun together. Especially sliding down the stairs!

Ahh...if only Adrienne didn't have the dear in the headlights look!
We had such a great time and just love our neighbors. Feel very lucky to be surrounded by great people in our little circle. Even though I want a new house haha (that's a joke!), I don't want to leave my circle!! 

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