Friday, January 16, 2009

Dinner and Fun with the Kruse's

Oh man, trying to download these is ridiculous so I'm stopping with what I have. Anyway, Kruse's came over for dinner a couple weeks ago and we had a blast watching the kids. So funny! Maria took my camera to snap a few shots of me with the kids (she's so sweet!!!). Unfortunately, I look like I hadn't slept in days argh! I rarely get kisses from Miss Attitude, so it was nice to get one on camera!!

How funny! I didn't know she was still doing the face when we took this. She is such a stinker!
There were lots of lovings(if you haven't caught on that's what we call cuddles/hugs/kisses/kind words at our house) exchanged.

This makes me me think that we may being seeing this reaction in the future :-(
I have a ton more of them but we'll see if blogger wants help me out here! 

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just messin' around...

I was messin' around when I had kid-free moment and took a pic of my rings. I love it! 

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A little dancin'.....

Last night the kids were totally wound up right in time for bed. So ring around the rosie was in order. They did it over and over and over. Soo funny, especially when Adrienne can pull Caleb down. Here they are huggin' it out!

Seriously look at that gut!!

Kitchen Nap Time

I'm not sure what the fascination is but bringing blankets and pillows into the kitchen and laying on the floor is the new thing. Maybe it's because I have to spend so much time in there, making breakfast/lunch/dinner and doing dishes. Here is Adrienne with her new Tinkerbell blanket and pillow that is just loves. 

This was one small moment of sharing after some reiteration that "You're pillow is big enough for two people Caleb".
And no they really didn't take their naps there, they did lay there for a long time and talk to my while I did the dishes which was very nice of them :-)

Way to go Huskers!!

Happy New Years Day! Dad stayed up way too late (2 am) working on the basement so he slept on the couch, not to wake mommy (he's so sweet!). So the kids tackled him when they got up. BTW this is a horrible picture!!!!

New Years Day was Husker Bowl Game day. So the kids were dressed in their Husker gear, Caleb in his jersey and Adrienne in her Cheerleading outfit. Caleb was taking a glance at the game, which was on mute and I watched the last 2 minutes of hte game haha. 
Caleb says he likes to watch football but he really doesn't pay attention. He does love to cheer for them though, especially  when mommy yells "GOOOO BIIIIIIG REEEEEED" and Caleb responds "GO BIG RED"!! It's soo cute! 

Auntie Shelley stopped by before heading to a football party. Her and Adrienne had to get a pic of their husker outfits...I'm obsessed with BW otherwise it would be in color :-) It was also Shelley's birthday so Caleb and Adrienne made her a sticker card with lots of Thomas stickers as we know that what she loves most :-) Happy Birthday "Shelley Goergen" we love you!

Happy New Year from the Ernst's!!!!

This was my sad attempt at celebrating this year. We are all so exhausted that we didn't do anything this year for New Year's. TJ's working 12-18 hours in the basement everyday which means I have the kids all day which is exhausting in itself. So I bought a cheap bag of hats and snapped a few shots. The kids of course loved the hats, but wanted them on and off, on and off haha! I made dad take a break and get in a picture :-)

Adrienne my little tomboy...

These were taken during naked time with Alex. Maria put Alex's shoes on Adrienne and she thought she was hot stuff, Alex didn't like it so much hehe! I this this is my all-time favorite picture of her. She's soo pretty but it's soo her, no clothes on and boys shoes. 

Playdate with the Kruse's

We've been fortunately enough to have a couple play dates with Maria and Alex since Maria's been on Christmas break from school. The kids have sooo much fun together and little Alex is just a gem!!! Here Maria is singing Adrienne her favorite song..ABC's.

Sooo you've been waiting for the Adrienne face and here it is. She was being quite the entertainer and did this for over 5 minutes so I got lots of cute shots from all different angles! Unfortunately it was a drooly, booby face but it works!

Mr. Alex is awesome! I can't get enough of him. This is his cheese face.
He gets so excited and we were playing peek-a-boo !
The sweet Alex look!
So this was very much prompted by the mommies but who could resist. Adrienne obviously feels like Alex is like a brother, they get a along so well and she doesn't just give anyone kisses. 
Oh the faces in this one just crack me up! 

Rossiter Christmas 12/27

We celebrated Rossiter Christmas on Sat. after Christmas at my parents house. By this time the kids were exhausted as you can see in the picture below of Adrienne. She was quite the mess that day/night, probably because of her poor nap and she's still not much of a people person. 

This is little Aidan, my cousin Emily's son. You'll remember him from his 18 month pics and Christmas pics for dad over in Iraq. Aidan's daddy gets back in Feb....yeah!! He is such a hoot and has the greatest faces!! 
Caleb LOVES his new digital camera...yeah for me!! 
Little Aidan and his cousin Emma...soo cute!
The kids had a great time but are still recovering from all the partying. They got some really nice gifts from their cousins and Caleb can't stop talking about Karigan! We may have to see her sooner than later :-)

Corey Sandwich

I reluctantly went out to the bars on Friday night but only to see the twins and two of the greatest guys I know. This is almost a ghostly picture of I need to see some sun!

Corey on the left lives in Sioux City and Corey on the right lives in Guatamala and I hadn't seen either of them in two years :-( Thanks guys for snapping a shot with me in a ridiculously crazy bar! Love you guys!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Gathering at GG Rossiter's

This is my glass of wine, the one drink I had over the holidays and I didn't even finish it. It was very tasty though!

Adrienne would only sit withe me or Grandpa. So it wasn't the most enjoyable evening. 
My grandma is obsessed with the word JOY. So I found this pretty one on her TV and took a shot. 
This should have been the motto for Christmas this year :-)

The kids at the new house...

We had to go to the new house to check it out and the kids had soo much fun. I mean who wouldn't love a house with no furniture...haha! They ran around and screamed the entire time we were there. They especially loved going up the stairs to the three upstairs bedrooms and running in and our and screaming! 

The coat closet was also a hit. Great Grandpa even got in on the action too. They both giggled and giggled!
Ahhhhhh...I didn't even tell him to do this!
She thought she was soo cool she got to sit up on the fireplace. She gave me lots of cute looks. 

They are going to be really sad the next time they go there and it's stuffed with furniture haha!!