Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Eve at the Ocken's :-)

Christmas Eve this year was changed to Dale and Nancy's (TJ's mom's brother's) instead of GG Ockens. It was soo much fun and such great food! This is quite the collection of pictures. No short of laughter at this get together. Including fun gifts from everyone. Jerry and Lou gave out their traditional Harry and David Relish/Salsa and Chips but included the very useful Anti-Monkey Butt Powder. This got quite the laugh and lots of jokes. Good stuff!

Beautiful pic of my mother-in-law
Adrienne is so silly, she decided she could carry all her presents and she did for quite some time. 
Grandpa helping Caleb wait patiently for presents. 
Only Aunt Lou....she decided BEFORE DINNER to feed Caleb some whip cream from the can. He of course thought that was AMAZING. Aunt Lou is also the one who taught Caleb the bananas should be eaten with sprinkles. Gotta love some Aunt Lou!
It's so funny the assortment of pictures I have from the parties we attend, not many and usually only the funny ones. Maybe once the kids get older I'll get some better ones haha!

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Jsharpnack said...

You had to learn about sprinkles on bananas from lou, how did tj not pass that one on we always ate our banana slices with colored sugar sprinkles and a toothpick!