Friday, January 16, 2009

Dinner and Fun with the Kruse's

Oh man, trying to download these is ridiculous so I'm stopping with what I have. Anyway, Kruse's came over for dinner a couple weeks ago and we had a blast watching the kids. So funny! Maria took my camera to snap a few shots of me with the kids (she's so sweet!!!). Unfortunately, I look like I hadn't slept in days argh! I rarely get kisses from Miss Attitude, so it was nice to get one on camera!!

How funny! I didn't know she was still doing the face when we took this. She is such a stinker!
There were lots of lovings(if you haven't caught on that's what we call cuddles/hugs/kisses/kind words at our house) exchanged.

This makes me me think that we may being seeing this reaction in the future :-(
I have a ton more of them but we'll see if blogger wants help me out here! 


smgoergen said...

I love it!!! haha!

Anne Chapman said...

ah she is so precious! i hope in the future when she is making that face that there aren't a different set of bars around her! whoaaa j/k she's going to be a perfect angel! =)