Saturday, January 3, 2009

Playdate with the Kruse's

We've been fortunately enough to have a couple play dates with Maria and Alex since Maria's been on Christmas break from school. The kids have sooo much fun together and little Alex is just a gem!!! Here Maria is singing Adrienne her favorite song..ABC's.

Sooo you've been waiting for the Adrienne face and here it is. She was being quite the entertainer and did this for over 5 minutes so I got lots of cute shots from all different angles! Unfortunately it was a drooly, booby face but it works!

Mr. Alex is awesome! I can't get enough of him. This is his cheese face.
He gets so excited and we were playing peek-a-boo !
The sweet Alex look!
So this was very much prompted by the mommies but who could resist. Adrienne obviously feels like Alex is like a brother, they get a along so well and she doesn't just give anyone kisses. 
Oh the faces in this one just crack me up! 

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smgoergen said...

These two kissing should be on a CARD! At the very least blown up and framed!!! SO CUTE!!!