Saturday, January 3, 2009

Rossiter Christmas 12/27

We celebrated Rossiter Christmas on Sat. after Christmas at my parents house. By this time the kids were exhausted as you can see in the picture below of Adrienne. She was quite the mess that day/night, probably because of her poor nap and she's still not much of a people person. 

This is little Aidan, my cousin Emily's son. You'll remember him from his 18 month pics and Christmas pics for dad over in Iraq. Aidan's daddy gets back in Feb....yeah!! He is such a hoot and has the greatest faces!! 
Caleb LOVES his new digital camera...yeah for me!! 
Little Aidan and his cousin Emma...soo cute!
The kids had a great time but are still recovering from all the partying. They got some really nice gifts from their cousins and Caleb can't stop talking about Karigan! We may have to see her sooner than later :-)

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