Saturday, January 3, 2009

Way to go Huskers!!

Happy New Years Day! Dad stayed up way too late (2 am) working on the basement so he slept on the couch, not to wake mommy (he's so sweet!). So the kids tackled him when they got up. BTW this is a horrible picture!!!!

New Years Day was Husker Bowl Game day. So the kids were dressed in their Husker gear, Caleb in his jersey and Adrienne in her Cheerleading outfit. Caleb was taking a glance at the game, which was on mute and I watched the last 2 minutes of hte game haha. 
Caleb says he likes to watch football but he really doesn't pay attention. He does love to cheer for them though, especially  when mommy yells "GOOOO BIIIIIIG REEEEEED" and Caleb responds "GO BIG RED"!! It's soo cute! 

Auntie Shelley stopped by before heading to a football party. Her and Adrienne had to get a pic of their husker outfits...I'm obsessed with BW otherwise it would be in color :-) It was also Shelley's birthday so Caleb and Adrienne made her a sticker card with lots of Thomas stickers as we know that what she loves most :-) Happy Birthday "Shelley Goergen" we love you!