Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Food Photography?????

I had to post this because it's consuming my thoughts and my meals haha! Ever since Christmas this has been at least one of my meals for the day and it's downright amazing! I had this salad at our friends Christmas party and for being so simple I was blown away and how tasty it was. Now it's a daily fix for me. I'm calling it Cranberry Raspberry Salad because I want to!

And this, this is the all amazing soup de jour!! That's the soup of the day if you haven't seen Dumb and Dumber ha! I'd tell you what's in it but then I'd have to kill you!! Just kidding! Anyway this has made me deliciously interested in food photography. First of all it's extremely difficult. I mean who would have thought that taking pictures of non-moving things would be hard but it is. I love the picture of the salad but the soup picture is something to be desired. 

Thomas is our Friend

A typical day at home always involves Thomas and Friends. Caleb loves his track especially since getting Stanley and a controller for Christmas. So one day last week Caleb and I took some pictures of his trains and had a great time. Here is the all important Thomas. 

I love this picture, just wish it was more in focus on his camera.

If you don't know this is Mavis and it's a girl and she's a diesel. 
Oh Adrienne, you would give me that face! Too bad your so cute it just makes me laugh! By the way, we have very bad hair days now that her hair has decided to grow an inch a week :-)
She's not much for the trains besides stepping on the tracks just to make us mad. She usually reads or runs around being silly. Here she was reading Despereaux in Chinese. You'd understand if you heard her :-)

Go Crusaders!

I can't believe I forgot to blog this...argh!! Anyway, Heelan played at the Qwest Center in the Nebraska Prep Classic three weeks ago. My brother is the stud in all the pics. I wish I had an ounce of his athletic ability and dedication :-) Unfortunately, he just found out he has a stress fracture in his lower fibular and is out for the season :-( Basketball is his everything so I know he's having a hard week. Hoping to get up there to cheer him up soon!

It was so much fun watching them at the Qwest. I mean that's big time :-) Unfortunately they lost to Creighton Prep by 6. It was a great game! 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Master Ernst :-)

TJ graduated with his MBA on Sat. YEAH!!! We are so proud of him and so glad he's finally done! It was a long year and a half for all of us. Here's my little pretty wondering what the heck we are doing in this big, dark place. Just to preface, the lighting in this place is bad in the first place but then they turn the lights off for the whole ceremony, who does that? Drives me crazy. So these indoor pics are hideous!

Caleb and Grandma Christine reading a educational magazine (he's obsessed!)
There's Daddy! Third row, fourth one in. We had fantastic seats this time, thanks to TJ's parents. The kids could even see him and waved at him several times, it was such a cool feeling!
Walking up to receive his degree :-)
Yeah...you even look cute in your "drab" hehe!
Ta da!!!!
Waiting for Daddy afterwards. Adrienne loves her Shelley!
Oh man, the future graduate. Except I think he will graduate with a teaching degree from Oklahoma. Don't ask me why, but the kids thinks we live in Oklahoma, Nebraska! 
My two favorite men!!
Gotta get some family shots!

Yeah!! You can officially call him Master Ernst...ha just kidding! 


Two weeks ago today we hit up the zoo because it was 55 out and it was the most perfect day. The kids had a blast and even though it was nice out, the zoo was empty, so the kids just ran free and we spent 3 1/2 hours exploring all the stuff we don't always get to see when we are there. The aquarium is always the hit of the trip. As I've mentioned before it's very different with two toddlers to take pics so there are very few :-( Someday I'm going to bring lots of helpers and take lots of good pics !!

Caleb would not leave the Wild Kingdom. He loved playing these games and he was soo good at them. I"m anxious to take him by myself and spend more time doing all the learning activities. Adrienne's too antsy!
Both the kids loved these two lizards. 

And this super orange fish. He looked right at me and I got him :-)
We may just got back there tomorrow since it's going to be 50 again :-) Can't wait!

My lovelies.....

I know I've been MIA, but for good reason. I've been sitting in the bathroom. Watching Caleb pee and poop and not pee and not poop and laugh and cry and pee all over the wall and poop on the rug and pee his pants while trying to get his pants off in time and washing hands over and over and over and reading a million magazines and books and occasionally taking a potty break myself.  I've secretly been dreading this experience, but it's been frustrating and fun all at the same time. I've never spent that much time in the bathroom in my entire life and now I really need to redo my bathroom, it's very boring. We are officially potty trained, we have our good days and we have our bad days. But crazy enough he's completely night trained which just blows my mind. I'm very thankful for that! We are very proud of him and glad we are officially only changing about 6 diapers a day instead of 12 :-) 

Here are my lovelies reading together and being sweet. They sure are having less and less "hate" moments and more and more "love" moments. I think it's because Adrienne had finally figured out how to play with him. He also knows exactly what to do to make her giggle uncontrollably. Tonight they spent an entire hour in Adrienne's room (which they rarely play in). They turned the lights off and played with two of her toys that light up and they just giggled and giggled. It was the cutest thing. I decided to leave they alone and finally checked on them after quite awhile and found then piling things up to get into her crib, little stinkers :-) 

Adrienne has quite the quaff these days. Mostly a mullet but since she won't keep hair things in there's not much I can do about it. I did however manage to get her hair in pig tails a couple weeks ago and man she was not happy with me. She looked so old and cute though. Check out her huge lips...so cute!

Adrienne's vocabulary has rapidly grown in the last three weeks. She tries to say everything...

please- plees
thank you-taa chu
movie- moie

She loves to sing but only sings portions of songs "A, B, C....H, I, J....O, P" and she's so cute when she sings "Row, Row, Row your boat"..sounds more like this "Row, row, row, row, rooooo, merry, merry, merry". 

And she said her first three word sentence which I totally freaked out about. But I must tell a quite story to preface it. When Caleb gets to watch a movie he always sits on our short sofa on the same side and I just recently started sitting Adrienne on the other side, hoping she may watch a few moments of it(she has never watched a movie, not even baby einstein, she cannot sit still!). She's finally started to watch the first 10 minutes of them. So anyone, I always have to say to Caleb you can watch one movie if he asks because he usually get's upset when we have to turn it off. And many times he'll say "One movie please, just one". Just to be sweet. Well this time after I just turned the movie on. Adrienne ran to the couch and asked to get up, she needed a little help, so I helped her up and she turned around really fast and said "One moie plees". I just died! It's so funny that this girl has never watched a movie for more than two minutes that her first three word sentence would be that. Such a silly girl!