Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Food Photography?????

I had to post this because it's consuming my thoughts and my meals haha! Ever since Christmas this has been at least one of my meals for the day and it's downright amazing! I had this salad at our friends Christmas party and for being so simple I was blown away and how tasty it was. Now it's a daily fix for me. I'm calling it Cranberry Raspberry Salad because I want to!

And this, this is the all amazing soup de jour!! That's the soup of the day if you haven't seen Dumb and Dumber ha! I'd tell you what's in it but then I'd have to kill you!! Just kidding! Anyway this has made me deliciously interested in food photography. First of all it's extremely difficult. I mean who would have thought that taking pictures of non-moving things would be hard but it is. I love the picture of the salad but the soup picture is something to be desired. 

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Jsharpnack said...

I watched a thing on food network a few months back and it was a food photography challenge and they had all these weird tricks they did with markers and Vaseline and you name it to make the food look amazing for photos..kinda interesting.