Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thomas is our Friend

A typical day at home always involves Thomas and Friends. Caleb loves his track especially since getting Stanley and a controller for Christmas. So one day last week Caleb and I took some pictures of his trains and had a great time. Here is the all important Thomas. 

I love this picture, just wish it was more in focus on his camera.

If you don't know this is Mavis and it's a girl and she's a diesel. 
Oh Adrienne, you would give me that face! Too bad your so cute it just makes me laugh! By the way, we have very bad hair days now that her hair has decided to grow an inch a week :-)
She's not much for the trains besides stepping on the tracks just to make us mad. She usually reads or runs around being silly. Here she was reading Despereaux in Chinese. You'd understand if you heard her :-)

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