Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Two weeks ago today we hit up the zoo because it was 55 out and it was the most perfect day. The kids had a blast and even though it was nice out, the zoo was empty, so the kids just ran free and we spent 3 1/2 hours exploring all the stuff we don't always get to see when we are there. The aquarium is always the hit of the trip. As I've mentioned before it's very different with two toddlers to take pics so there are very few :-( Someday I'm going to bring lots of helpers and take lots of good pics !!

Caleb would not leave the Wild Kingdom. He loved playing these games and he was soo good at them. I"m anxious to take him by myself and spend more time doing all the learning activities. Adrienne's too antsy!
Both the kids loved these two lizards. 

And this super orange fish. He looked right at me and I got him :-)
We may just got back there tomorrow since it's going to be 50 again :-) Can't wait!

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smgoergen said...

Maybe Alena and I will go with you on a warm day next week? Alena may enjoy that?????