Monday, April 6, 2009

Few posts...

Why you haven't seen any posts???


1. I was diagnosed with Primary Stabbing Headache Sydrome and had severe stabbing pain in the back of my head for a week. I've been on an anti-inflammatory ever since (apparently the only med. that will work for this particular migraine syndrome). Weaning off now. It was a rough week for all. 

2. We took a short trip to Des Moines to watch Heelan dominate at the state tournament. It was so awesome to watch Joe on the court and even though it was only a few seconds of playtime for him, it was still awesome to see. They of course won which was pretty overwhelming for a lot of people. So glad we made the quick trip!

3. Adrienne pushed against our front porch railing, it gave way and she fell head first down to the cement. I jumped after her and took a gash out of my head. We spent that night in the ER. Adrienne faired better than mommy. She's soo tough!

4. Spent 5 days in SC watching Joe while the rents were in Las Vegas. The kids love their new house and playing with all the toys and Joe! The weather was nasty while we were there so we didn't do much but play and cook and clean :-)

Kids playing with G & G's new play set :-)

5. I took a trip to Phoenix to see my bestie Kace. Life-changing trip, can't wait to go back. Wedding pics from the wedding I assisted her in and soon at  We hiked two mountains, hung out with her fiancee, walked and ran around her beautiful city of Gilbert, ate some great food and super cool restaurants, worked on photoshop, she took some fabo pics of me and had much needed girl conversations :-) 

(photos courtesy of Kacey Luvi Creative Productions

Hopefully shortly there will be a pic of us together. Surprisingly for two photographers we didn't take many pics :-)

6. My sister-in-law gave birth to her second girl, Salem Olivia on Mar. 28. They are in Texas now so we don't get to smother her with lovings, but Grandma is down there now and we sent some with her :-)


Also, TJ's cousin Amber and her fiancee Austin welcomed, Easton John, on Sat. April 4. All are doing well! You will see pics of him up on my photography blog soon :-)


7. Now that the weather is starting to warm, I am getting back into work, the kids have been enjoying a little bit of outside time and TJ's business is taking off as well. I can only imagine that the next month will be the beginning of unknown craziness for us. But we are excited and ready to take the kids to all the parks around town!

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iamtheary said...

oh my goodness im sorry to hear about your accidents with your porch. feel better soon.