Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Birthday Party

We went over to Alex's house on Sunday to celebrate his 2nd birthday :-) As you will see in the large collection of pictures the kids had a blast. Alex got tons of fun toys and cute outfits and they all had so much fun together!

Adrienne loved riding Alex's new trike. Well she loved being pushed on Alex's new trike!
Sooo cute! Someday they are getting married they just don't know it yet!
Maria took my camera for awhile to get pics of me and the kids...LOVE HER! I never have pics with my kids. 

Caleb did great on the trike. He loves to take his motorcycle outside now and ride around the circle. He gets better every day!
Alex and his grandpa!
Maria and her friend Angie...sooo cute!
Adrienne attempting her first wheely!
My 3 loves....cute peeps horrible pic!
Chad had to give all the kid rides in the wagon and on their way back he would run. Oh was that a hit! Caleb is riding with Alex's cousin, Luke. 
Caleb had to help Chad this time...adorable!
Could she get any cuter!!
She is looking at Maria's friend Nicole, who Adrienne really liked!
I think Caleb thought this was seriously for him. Alex had just gotten into Thomas so now they are going to have even more fun with each other this summer!

I think we actually look  alike in this one!
I can't even remember the last time we had a pic together...sad!
Alex loving all his new presents!
All the kids admiring the cool cake!
Caleb devouring his piece

The whole group...so much fun!
We had such a great time!! It was a perfect night too :-) We are anxious for Maria's last week of school to be over and lots of play time...the kids cannot wait..and the mom's too!


The Kruses said...

I love all of these pictures! You are such a wonderful friend...thank you so much for making the day so special. Thanks for letting me steal your camera for awhile, it is awesome! Your family is too fun! Love ya..MUAH!

smgoergen said...

Happy Birthday Alex!!
GREAT pictures!!! :)