Thursday, May 21, 2009

Conversations with a 3 year old

About once a week Caleb and I do a little cuddle session where I tell him all the things about him that I love. I usually start with all his body parts and point to them and tickle them hehe! Then do all the other things I love about him ( he plays nicely with his sister, what a good dancer he is, how polite he is, etc....oh the list is endless). And today it went a little different.....

Mom: Caleb do you know how much I love you??
Caleb: This much!!! (arms stretched out)

Caleb: I love your eyes. 
I love your teeth. 
I love your eye lashes. 
I love your lips. 
I love your toe balls. 

Yep that's how it ended. "I love your toeballs!!!" HA! Quite comical but more sweet as he has never done it to me and it just melted my heart!!!

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