Friday, May 8, 2009

What would we do without it!!!

Now that spring is finally here, the only thing the kids want to do it play in their sand and water table. They literally can play with it for 3 hours straight, it's incredible!! The only problem with this is that they are covered from head to toe in sand and WATER! So needless to say we are changing clothes several times a day ha! 

Adrienne pointing to "airpane". She's obsessed!
The ever famous Caleb look. I'm not sure when I'm going to get a good one of him!
Ok so I have 50 others just like this. This is all she did the entire time!
Isn't she the cutest! She's getting so old :-) Long hair, taller and oh so talkative! Our favorite lately is when you ask her to say "octopus" and she always says "applesauce". They sound alike, right???
Oooo a smile, too bad he won't look at me!
I did find sand in his ear during dinner this night. Never fails! They sure have a blast though!!!


iamtheary said...

aww sweet smiles. how old are the kids?

Jsharpnack said...

If she likes airplanes she will love it at our house...we have hugee airplanes and little fast ones and even huge helicopters fly over our house day and night.