Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our Surprise Father's Day Present :-)

I have a million things to post before this, but this comes first today :-) I'm had the pleasure of getting to know a fellow photographer in town, Catherine Bosley of Bosley Creative. I feel so blessed to have met her. She's super talented, such an awesome person, and a great new friend!!! So I got ahold of her a few weeks ago to see if we could exchange services for father's day pics and she was all for it! Unfortunately, the day of the shoot, my kids didn't sleep the night before and were up bright and early, so needless to say it wasn't that enjoyable. Luckily, Catherine is talented enough to get amazing shots of me and the kids. I just LOVE all the pics!! Any photographer out there knows how hard it is to get good shots of your own kids or with you in the pics so these are so precious to me!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH CATHERINE! 

My kids are getting sooo big...I can't believe I have a 3 year old and almost 2 year old :-( 

Without furthur ado...Catherine and her beautiful family, Kobe, Maddie and Jack :-) Sooo cute!

Probably one of my favorite pictures of all time...isn't she stunning!!!

Kobe is one of the greatest big brothers, it's soo awesome to see!

Oh and TJ and my dad loved the pics :-) I tell you pics of kids and grand kiddies always puts a smile on their faces!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oh what fun!

Apparently 3 year old's think stinking their tongue out is cool....I'm over the point that it's cute, not sure cute anymore!

Adrienne, Farmer Brown and Goat :-)
What a look missy!
She stood at the top of our little hill in front and did her thing, flailing her arms, yelling, laughing, making noise, dancing and all. It was quite comical. 
I don't know what happened here :-(
This was Caleb's idea. Her sitting in between his legs. So funny!

And of course more bathtime!
They don't normally get to blow water in their faces but I knew it would make for killer pics so this is just for all of you :-) But then again I'm SURE Caleb will remember and do it from now on :-(

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Brady and his Bride :-)

Like I promised.....introducing, Mr. & Mrs. Rossiter!!! By my ever so fab bestie, Kace :-) she's AMAZING!

Friday, June 5, 2009

WARNING: Nakedness and Skivvies!

I watched Alex Tues. and Wed. as Maria was at a conference in Lincoln and the kids had a blast. They play SOOOO well together. We had zero fights and the occasional, "Momma he stole me toy, can I have it back?" How sweet is that!! Maria stayed for dinner Tues. night and the kids decided it was NAKED TIME or Alex calls is Nake and Adrienne called it NaKED! 

Oh man these are awesome! 
Could my kids be any cuter,  I don't think so! Even with dinner still on their faces :-)
Big brown eyes...he's so much fun and such a good kid!
So we might be planning their wedding, is that a bad thing? They love each other and follow each other everywhere. It's soo cute!

Everytime we wanted to get them all together Caleb would put his arm around Adrienne..ah!

Then it was time to jump to Maria. Poor Maria had to catch my two lugs compared to little A. They did not want to stop!

I think they had fun don't you!
Maria loves my kiddies :-) and we LOVE her!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Crazy fun weekend

We were in the sewer all weekend for my brother's wedding. Unfortunately, I had a child in my hands at all times so these are the two pictures I have argh! Oh wells, luckily my best friend was the photographer for the wedding so I know there will be plenty of fabulous photos to see. I'll post a link once she posts them on her blog. Anyway, since my best friend was in town for my brother's wedding, her family had a reception for her and her new husband for all the midwesterners to attend since their wedding was in AZ. It was super fun! We got to see the beautiful video of the wedding and I got to catch up with my dear from Jameley and of course Kace. My kids also had a blast with all the little ones there and I think Adrienne found her new boyfriend, Miles. She was quite the flirt!

Beeeeaaauuuutiful Jame and moi!

The only picture I have of Mr. & Mrs. Rossiter, and my kids, don't they all look great. I was not only trying to take a pic but make my kids look at me. It was quite comical(luckily their were few in the church to see me do this!)!!! The wedding and reception were beautiful and everything went down without a hitch. I spent most of the night in the bathroom with the kids ha! I did get my dance on though and I think the kids liked the cake and lemonade the best haha! Brooke is a fabulous addition to our family!! They are now basking in the sun in Antigua! 

Love you all!

Our Princess

These pics deserve a post all their own. I got to spend a lot of time with Adrienne alone this weekend and she was a hoot! These were taken in my parents kitchen, as she was sitting on a stool. She is getting so big and pretty and oh so loud!

Isn't she beautiful!! 

She is so fun! A handful but so fun! Tonight she wanted me to rock her before bed, which she's never asked before. I sang rock-a-bye baby and she was just was mesmerized. Unfortunately, she wanted to rock all night :-( 

Super Suppers Play-date!

Last Thursday, we joined our friends at Super Suppers for an awesome idea. We got to make pizza bread and a snack mix and hang out with friends. Caleb LOVED it, Adrienne liked eatting the food of the table!

Sauce time!

Cheese time!
A feeble attempt at a group pic :-(
Folding the bread in!
Eating their snack mix...did I have twins????
Our friend Timmy! He did a great job all by himself :-)
My friend Jen and her twins, Andy and Matt. 
Oh and the pizza bread was fabulous...the kids LOVED it!! I hope we get to do this again soon!