Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Crazy fun weekend

We were in the sewer all weekend for my brother's wedding. Unfortunately, I had a child in my hands at all times so these are the two pictures I have argh! Oh wells, luckily my best friend was the photographer for the wedding so I know there will be plenty of fabulous photos to see. I'll post a link once she posts them on her blog. Anyway, since my best friend was in town for my brother's wedding, her family had a reception for her and her new husband for all the midwesterners to attend since their wedding was in AZ. It was super fun! We got to see the beautiful video of the wedding and I got to catch up with my dear from Jameley and of course Kace. My kids also had a blast with all the little ones there and I think Adrienne found her new boyfriend, Miles. She was quite the flirt!

Beeeeaaauuuutiful Jame and moi!

The only picture I have of Mr. & Mrs. Rossiter, and my kids, don't they all look great. I was not only trying to take a pic but make my kids look at me. It was quite comical(luckily their were few in the church to see me do this!)!!! The wedding and reception were beautiful and everything went down without a hitch. I spent most of the night in the bathroom with the kids ha! I did get my dance on though and I think the kids liked the cake and lemonade the best haha! Brooke is a fabulous addition to our family!! They are now basking in the sun in Antigua! 

Love you all!

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