Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oh what fun!

Apparently 3 year old's think stinking their tongue out is cool....I'm over the point that it's cute, not sure cute anymore!

Adrienne, Farmer Brown and Goat :-)
What a look missy!
She stood at the top of our little hill in front and did her thing, flailing her arms, yelling, laughing, making noise, dancing and all. It was quite comical. 
I don't know what happened here :-(
This was Caleb's idea. Her sitting in between his legs. So funny!

And of course more bathtime!
They don't normally get to blow water in their faces but I knew it would make for killer pics so this is just for all of you :-) But then again I'm SURE Caleb will remember and do it from now on :-(

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